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In the Chechen Republic participation before the detained insurgent 2 blasting of the land mine which has led to wound of seven militiamen

In the Chechen Republic is established participation before the detained insurgent 2 land mine blasting in which result seven militiamen have suffered is established. ABT it " News " have informed in united a press - the CTR of the Regional emergency response centre (ROSH) on management of a counterterrorism operation in the North Caucasus.

" the day before law enforcement officers during the investigation in the relation before the arrested person 24 - a summer member of a gang to Dock Umarova have established that on November, 9th, 2001 the detained insurgent as a part of bandit group has carried out improvised explosive device blasting in which result seven police officers have got wounds of various severity level " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

as he said, on the given fact criminal cases under articles 205 " are raised; Terrorism " and 317 " Encroachment on life of the employee of law enforcement body " the criminal code of Russian Federation.