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Medvedev and the prime minister of Denmark have discussed cooperation concerning a climate

the United Nations, 24 sen - News. the President of Russia Dmitry Medvedev and the prime minister - the minister of Denmark Lars Lekke Rasmussen who on Thursday are in New York on 64 - j sessions of General Assembly of the United Nations, have discussed cooperation of two countries, including, on climate change problems.

" I am glad to possibility will discuss with you development prospects in Russian - the Danish relations " - Medvedev has told.

the Russian president has noticed that on Tuesday on solemn evening 4 leaders who take part in session of General Assembly of the United Nations, it already had possibility short to talk to the prime minister of Denmark concerning a climate.

" It only one of measurements of our cooperation, but I consider its very important, ESP on the threshold of conference which will pass in Copenhagen " - the Russian leader has told.

Medvedev 2 has noticed that relations of Russia and Denmark develop and in other spheres.

" Ours trading - economic relations not bad develop, overcoming new boundaries, 2DAY they are measured by several billions dollars " - he has told.

In the beginning of year in connection with crisis certain recession, " was observed; but I am assured that all will be restored in process of growth of our economy " the president of the Russian Federation has declared.

In turn, the prime minister of Denmark has thanked Medvedev that it has found time in an intense operating schedule 4 a MTG.

" This MTG means that our relations which historically are Gud, will improve still " - he considers.

Rasmussen has informed that past week he spoke on the phone from premieres - the minister of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin who has invited him on a visit to Moscow.

" I very much W8 for this visit " - the Danish prime minister has told. As he said, last time it was in Moscow in 1985 and is assured that since then Russia has undergone enormous changes.