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Group " Anastasis " will note the 30 - letie W an orchestra in " Luzniki "

Fate - group " Anastasis " will note the 30 - summer anniversary a concert W participation of a symphonic orchestra on scene GTSKZ " Russia " in DS " Luzniki " on Thursday, the leader of collective Alexey Romanov has told in interview of News.

" 2 30 - it was necessary for summer anniversary as - that to show off, make something such that we did not do earlier, the idea to invite a symphonic orchestra therefore has come. It seemed to us that something from this can turn out " - Romanov has told.

As it has explained, originally the concert has been planned on the Cathedral square in the Kremlin and EVN blessing of Patrha Moscow and vseja Russia, but subsequently this idea has been RCVed, according to Romanov, " creative enough and beautiful " have considered illogical.

As he said, all arrangements 4 42 tools of an orchestra of the State classical academy of a name of Majmonida have been made by the participant of groups " Flowers " and " the Circle " Alexander Slizunovym.

" It has made orkestrovki songs in our style. It would be possible to alter and so, and edak, but it simply took our concert usual game and round it has built picturesque cloths which absolutely organically frame that we do usually. Our forms remained W/ O changes, but W symphonic development " - the musician has shared.

Among the songs, which participants " Anastasis " will execute W an orchestra, such known compositions, as " I have got used to wander one " " I Rejoice " " my pleasure " Hurries; " I Will create to you the world " " do not leave me " and many other things.

Romanov has told that 4 the big concert in " Luzniki " it was necessary to think up the expanded programme.

" Now we compose any thrashing - or an interval W buffet visitation, or we will occupy this interval with something, - he has shared, - and then we will continue in a genre pure fate - n - a beater W/ O an orchestra ".

As he said, in the second branch the collective song " will just sound koronnaja; Who is guilty? " and other compositions, " more concerning fate - n - to a beater and a blues ".

" such opuses mean NE intrusion. If, say, somebody leaves W a harmonica and will get to a tonality - same will be present shejk. It is an occasion lja every possible improvisations - so-called jam " - Romanov has told, having added that hopes for presence at the second part of a concert of colleagues - musicians from other groups.

On the request to tell, on whom from friends - musicians he counts, Romanov did not begin to respond, admitted that is afraid to maleficiate.

History " Anastasis " has begun in 1979 in educational studio of GITIS. Alexey Romanov, Evgenie Margulis, Alexey Makarevich and Sergey Kavagoe wrote down created in almost handicraft way, " on knees " songs " Who is guilty? " " I have got used to wander one " " the Dream " and more seven songs. Now at group about 15 albums. And in spite of the fact that group the structure time and again broke up and changed, continues to collect packed houses of admirers of the creativity.