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Clinton again has urged Iran to return for dialogue W the world

US State Secretary Hillari Clinton once again has urged Iran to return for dialogue W world community.

" 4 Iran there has come time of cooperation with the international community " - has told Clinton following the results of a MTG " the six " intermediaries across Iran. In " the six " five constant members of Security Council of the United Nations (the USA, Great Britain, Russia, China, France) and Germany enter.

She has declared again that Iran faces a choice - to deepen the isolation or to curtail the nuclear program.

" It is a choice of Iran - on what way to it to go " - has told Clinton, having underlined that in case of WRK continuation over the nuclear program Iran should be responded for it.

Making comments on a position " the six " Clinton has told: " In - the first, the group is uniform in rendering of pressure upon Iran so that it observed obligations concerning the nuclear program, and is anxious by refusal of Iran of dialogue, and the questions which have ESP not RCVed the answer on possible military scope of the Iranian nuclear program ".

In - the second, according to the state secretary, " the six " on - former considers as a right approach concerning Iran attempts of its involving in the international affairs and pressure rendering so that it has returned 2 performance of obligations.

" In - the third, ministers have clearly let know that occurrence of the Iranian negotiators on October, 1st ready to serious discussions in essence, realising promptness of an event and W offers on concrete steps which are necessary for undertaking concerning the nuclear program W8. 2 they should understand that we will make the decision on the following our actions on the basis of results of this MTG " - has noted Clinton.

the USA and a number of other countries of the West accuse Iran of working out of the nuclear weapon under cover of the program of peace atom. The United Nations Security Council has accepted five resolutions and has inflicted sanctions on Iran, demanding from it to refuse uranium enrichment. Teheran rejects all charges, declaring that its nuclear program is directed exclusively on satisfaction of requirements of the country in the electric power. A number of the countries, including the USA and Israel, support introduction of additional sanctions if Iran does not carry out of the obligations on the nuclear program.

on October, 1st in Geneva there will pass a MTG " the six " W representatives of Iran.