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the Russian Federation and the USA are solidary generally strategic questions - Makfol

Washington, 24 sen - News, Maria Tabak. the Russian Federation and the USA have no disagreement on the majority of strategic questions, the director for affairs of Russia and the Euroasian region of National Security council of the USA Michael Makfol considers.

" the Epilogue of speech of Barack Obama in Moscow and an epilogue of ANY1 conversation which at us was W the president - W Russians, from the high level and more low, on the majority of strategic questions which the USA interest, at us disagreements are not present " - Makfol at a briefing has told following the results of a MTG of US presidents and the Russian Federation Barack Obama and Dmitry Medvedev.

According to Makfola, the reason for optimism are Medvedev`s performances.

" I think, we have come 2 a point in American - the Russian relations when president Medvedev has estimated all it and has C that AAM at us as at two countries much more the general interests, than it was six or eight MTH ago " - he considers.

In particular, Obama`s adviser has declared that Russia and the USA " almost equally " consider a question of the Iranian nuclear program.

" Not so long ago we had absolutely various approaches 2 threat (proceeding from Iran) and strategy of actions concerning Iran. Now it seems to me that they are a bit closer, if not almost identical " - Makfol has told.

Obama after a MTG with Medvedev on Thursday in New York has informed journalists that the USA and the Russian Federation support diplomatic settlement of the Iranian nuclear problem but if Teheran does not meet, it will be a question of sanctions.

the USA and a number of other countries of the West accuse Iran of working out of the nuclear weapon under cover of the program of peace atom. The United Nations Security Council has accepted five resolutions and has inflicted sanctions on Iran, demanding from it to refuse uranium enrichment. Teheran rejects all charges, declaring that its nuclear program is directed exclusively on satisfaction of requirements of the country in the electric power. A number of the countries, including the USA and Israel, support introduction of additional sanctions if Iran does not carry out of the obligations on the nuclear program.