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the Navy of the Russian Federation can buy 24 fighters the Instant - 29, developed for India

Moscow, 24 sen - News. the Navy of the Russian Federation expects to buy 24 deck fighters the Instant - 29 which working out was paid by India, 4 equipment of a unique Russian aircraft carrier " the Admiral of Smiths " the newspaper " writes on Thursday; Sheets ".

the Informed circle in the Minister of Defence has told to the edition that the contract on purchase of planes can be concluded the next two years.

with Plans on purchase of fighters to the newspaper has CFMed genkonstruktor one of enterprises OPK making units 4 these planes. Representative RSK " the Instant " from comments has refrained.

the Edition notices that purchase of these planes becomes simpler that they have been developed by request of India within the limits of the contract on sale to this country after aircraft carrier upgrade " Vikramaditja " (were " Admiral of Pots ") . The Indian party has paid for the contract by in 730 million dollars working out and delivery such 16 fighters, cost of 24 cars 4 the Navy of Russia can be estimated in the sum about 1 billion dollars, the expert of the CTR of the analysis of strategy and technologies Konstantin Makienko SPK.

According to the source in an aircraft industry, tests the Instant - 29 W landing on " the Admiral of Smiths " it is planned to spend this autumn.

As the newspaper if the contract on delivery 24 Instant - 29 is concluded marks, it becomes already the third contract on delivery to the Russian military men of new warplanes, the prisoner for last year after contracts on delivery of 32 bombers of the Sou - 34, 34 before reserved by Algeria the Instant - 29 SMT/ UBT and 64 fighters of the Sou - 27/ the Sou - 302/ the Sou - 35.

Now in aircraft of the Navy of Russia there are 19 deck fighters of the Sou - 33 (the unique fighter made serially 4 the Russian Armed forces in 1992 - 1996), and their resource will expire by 2015, therefore the question on their replacement is actual, the source in the Minister of Defence has told to the newspaper.

Manufacture of new Sous - 33 is possible, but it is unprofitable at small volumes of output, and manufacture the Instant - 29 taking into account that 16 planes were already reserved by India and delivery to this country yet less such 28 planes is possible, economically much is more defensible, SPK Makienko. As he said, it reduces the price of a series and allows to save on working out.

Itself " Smiths " in case of allocation of necessary means for repair can serve still enough of years that new planes were expedient for making for it, believes military - the sea expert Michael Barabanov. Last week the deputy minister of defence Vladimir Popovkin has declared that the question on building of a new aircraft carrier is studied in military department, but the political decision in this respect is not accepted, the newspaper reminds.