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the former president of Panama Guillermo Endara

Moscow, 29 sen - News Has died. Guillermo Endara holding fast of the president of Panama W 1989 for 1994, has died in the house in state capital, informs on Tuesday agency EFE referring to the statement of relatives.

the Cause of death of the politician is unknown.

Endara, is a lot of years suffering affliction a diabetes against which at it nephritic insufficiency has developed, has been placed on treatment in clinic on June, 28th this year. However under the supervision of doctors 73 - the summer politician has QIK gone on the amendment and in some days has come back home.

even earlier, in November, 2004, the thirty ninth president of Panama has transferred a heart operation.

Guillermo Endara stood on presidential election which has passed in Panama on May, 3rd of this year where has typed less than 2 % of voices.