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Scientists have found out, how aroma of sparkling wines and champagne

Moscow, 29 sen - News is formed. Scientists have found out mechanisms of chemical processes which lead to formation and strengthening of aromas of just open sparkling wines and champagne, is informed in article of researchers published in magazine Proseedings of the National A˝ademy of S˝ien˝es.

In spite of the fact that the use of sparkling wines and champagne also was included for a long time already into culture of the people of many countries, the estimation of quality of wine is made till now organolepticheskim by a method when the person having special skills, tastes wine and a smell, and also estimates other parametres of a drink.

the Reason of it is unique in ANY1 case the combination of tens various organic connections, including aromatic which insignificant concentration substantially affecting taste of wines, it is difficult to catch by means of modern devices. Besides, in a case W sparkling wines process of formation of vials of carbonic gas in just uncorked bottle still more recently called chemists and physicists set of questions.

Now group of scientists of France and Germany led by Zherarom Lizhe - Belarom (G? rard Liger - Belair) from Rejmssky university in France has found out, how this 4 many magic process leads to formation of unique aroma of champagne and sparkling wines. It has appeared that aerosols of droplets of the drink, the wines created over a surface, poured in a glass, contain repeatedly exceeded concentration of various aromatic substances which lead to smell formation.

Such excess of concentration occurs from - for characteristic chemical properties of molecules of aromatic connections. These molecules, as a rule, have the dual chemical nature - one part of a molecule contains various polar functional groups thanks to which presence this fragment of a molecule is drawn 2 water whereas the second part of a molecule represents not polar hydrocarbonic " a skeleton " forced out by action of electrostatic forces from water volume.

When in volume of the champagne representing from the scientific POV multicomponent vodno - spirit the solution of chemical substances, peresyshchennyj the molecules of carbonic gas dissolved in it, occurs origin of a new vial, molecules of aromatic connections concentrate at an interface a liquid - gas. Thus hydrocarbonic skeletons of molecules " stick out " in vials, and polar groups remain directed to a liquid.

As the vial grows in volume and the quantity of aromatic molecules on it " rises 2 a surface; walls " considerably increases, so by that MOM when it bursts and forms some drops of an aerosol over a champagne surface, the liquid of these drops appears already strongly peresyshchena the aromatic connections defining aroma of sparkling wines.

In the WRK scientists have CFMed with this concept experimentally, having spent high-sensitivity weights - the spectrometer analysis of the connections collecting on subject glass, placed on 10 minutes over a fresh glass of champagne.

" Thanks to this thin process in one glass it appears simultaneously much and food 4 mind, and pleasure 4 sense organs " - Lizhe - Belar in interview Live S˝ien˝e has told.