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In the Far East 4 zones of shipbuilding - Shport

Khabarovsk, 29 sen - News, Larissa Dokuchayev will be created. Four zones of shipbuilding it is planned to create in the Far East, from them two in Khabarovsk territory, has informed on a press - conferences on Tuesday the governor of Khabarovsk territory Vyacheslav Shport.

" Zones will be created according to the concept of development of shipbuilding, the concept as the basic document has been confirmed past Friday at session of incorporated ship-building corporation in Moscow. On its basis other documents " will be developed; - Vyacheslav Shport has told.

As he said, in Khabarovsk territory zones " will be created; the Cupid " in Komsomolske - on - the Cupid on the basis of the Amur ship-building factory. This zone will specialise on building of the civil and military ships, including diving, and a zone " Khabarovsk " On the basis of the Khabarovsk ship-building factory. Vessels civil and military-oriented will build Here malotonnazhnye.

He has noticed that two more zones will be in Primorski Territory. A zone " the East " focused on building of ocean chisel platforms W the big displacement. And a new zone " the Star " where it is supposed to master manufacture gazovozov, displacement B4 250 thousand tons.

" It is assured that factories of Khabarovsk territory will participate in cooperation at a vessel construction in Primorski Krai, and to make any details 4 gazovozov and chisel platforms as the Amur ship-building factory already has an experience on building of platforms " - Vyacheslav Shport has told.

He has noticed that the concept is calculated on the long period of time. " the immediate prospects are from one till two years, distant - 2015 - 2020 when creation of new shipyards " is supposed; - the governor has told.

In its opinion, realisation of the accepted concept to allow to save ship-building factories in edge, to improve a situation W a hardware of the enterprises.

" At the Amur ship-building factory deterioration of funds makes about 80 %, on Khabarovsk - 60 % - technical re-equipment there was not many long years. The basic personnel structure of the enterprises has reached age 52 - 54 years " - he has told.

According to the governor, the basic problem in branch are orders W/ O which factories will not rescue EVN the preference.

" On concept discussion in Moscow questions gosoboronzakaza were discussed. At a MTG 2 there were potential customers - Rosneft, Gazprom, Rosrybolovstvo, Ministry of Transport and other departments. It was offered to them to prefer at orders to the factories designated in the concept, instead of foreign ship builders. In the near future the complete set of the documents defining the preferences 4 customers, building and repairing court in the Russian Federation " will be developed; - Shport has told.