Rus News Journal

the Black Sea ship has fired at an unknown boat

As " operative and expedient in the conditions of threat of acts of terrorism " the Commander-in-chief of the Navy Vladimir Kuroedov of action of crew of the big landing ship " has estimated; Yamal " which has been urged to open in Mediterranean sea fire at the rate of an unknown boat W/ O recognition symbols.

as have informed " News " in a press - Navy service, incident in Mediterranean sea has occurred on Monday morning.

the boat W/ O signs on the state accessory followed a course on rapprochement W the Russian ship, to RQs on the international channels of a radio communication and on lighting warning signals (10 alarm rockets) did not react.

proceeding from developed conditions, the commander of a campaign the vice-commander the Black Sea fleet kontr - admiral Alexander Kovshar has given the order to make admonitory shooting at the rate of a boat on a safe distance. Reactions has not followed. The boat has come nearer on a distance 12 kabeltovyh (2160 metres). The second admonitory Q at the rate of the purpose which has approached on a distance 9 kabeltovyh (1620 metres) has been made. The boat has continued to approach with the ship dangerously. When the boat has come nearer on a distance 6 kabeltovyh (1080 metres) shooting at the rate of a boat has been again made. Reactions has not followed.

only after the next automatic Q, when the boat has approached to the ship on a distance 3 kabeltovyh (540 metres), the command has contacted the request not to shoot. The boat has stopped, has passed the Russian ship has crossed its course on a forage, and has continued to follow in a safe direction.

the commander of a campaign kontr - admiral Alexander Kovshar on special communication channels has made the report on incident in a Navy General staff, have specified in a press - service.