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Competitions on big sportingu in Ikshe situated near Moscow were won by the command of Moscow

In Ikshe situated near Moscow at the shooting stand " the Fox hole " in a past week-end large competitions on big sportingu have taken place. As have informed " News " in a press - service of National federation sportinga/ NFS/, " command has defeated competitions; the First strelkovo - the hunting club "/ 1/ Moscow, having amazed 471 target and having won a superprize - the motor-cross-country vehicle.

arrows from Tolyatti and Volgograd have formed the team under the name " the Volga region " and, having typed 440 points, have taken the second place. Club " the Lipetsk metallurgist " became the third - 425 targets. The Voronezh club " further follows; Voitsekhovsky and the son " - 390 points. " command; Surgutneftegazbank " for the first time acted at similar competitions, however result has shown worthy - 380 targets and the fifth prize-winning places. At last, finish the list of leaders club " The northerner " from St.-Petersburg - 351 target.

in personal offset at top of a pedestal the representative 1 Vladislav Salamatin - 119 beaten out targets. The second and third places have divided Igor Zinevich/ 1/ and Michael Logvinov/ Surgut/. From the first result they are separated only by one point.

among women of the strongest there was Inna Kotova - 106 targets. Lipchanka Angela Meshcherjakova 2 confidently keeps in leaders - 98 points and the second place. Zemljachka Angelas, Yana Goloshchapova W result 91 became the third.

superiority among juniors in personal and command offsets became an important part of competitions. In competitions have taken part 22 young arrow. Sportsmen from the city of Istra - 227 points have shown the best results. The second place at young representatives 1 - 220 targets. Club " the Lipetsk metallurgist " has caused a stir and in this part of competitions - 184 points and a prize-winning third place.

In personal offset among juniors the leader of superiority, having beaten out 65 targets from 100, there was Sergey Ivans/ 1/. Sergey Pokrovsky from sporting - club of Istra has conceded to Ivanov only one target. Alexander Falkovsky, 2 from sporting - club of Istra, having amazed 60 targets, has taken the third place.

" all this time we densely worked W juniors, - the chairman 1 Moscow Valery Konshin has told, - gave them financial support, actively trained. Now it is possible to C real fruits of our activity. Almost third of all participants of the today`s championship - juniors, and their preparation considerably above, than one year ago ".