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In Sevastopol ceremony of a burial place of remains of 45 Soviet warriors found searchers around Chersonese

In Sevastopol on Tuesday has taken place ceremony of a burial place of remains of 45 Soviet warriors who have been found out by the search organisations " has taken place; the Debt " and " the Patriot " around Chersonese. As have informed " News " on Tuesday in Goradministratsii of Sevastopol, military men of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation have taken part in ceremony and Naval Forces of Ukraine, veterans of the Great Patriotic War, the public and city heads - the hero.

on inscriptions on mortal medallions experts have defined names of two Soviet warriors - Grigory Grigoriev and Vladimir Tretjakova, the persons of other defenders of the Native land who has fallen on the Sevastopol bastions during World War II, are established.

2 in within the limits of the actions devoted to 58 anniversary of clearing of Ukraine from German - fascist aggressors and 63 - letiju from the beginning of the second heroic defence of Sevastopol in the Great Patriotic War/ VOVAS/, hundreds krymchan, participants VOVAS, for merits B4 the Native land have received republican and state awards, anniversary medals and the orders founded by the president of Ukraine by Leonid Kuchma.

" victory of our grandfathers and fathers is truly historical event of world value which 4EVER remains in memory of all people " - have declared in circulation 2 krymchanam presidium of the Supreme body of Crimea, Ministerial council of an autonomy and the Constant representative of the president of Ukraine in Crimea.