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Process delimitatsii an overland part Russian - the Ukrainian frontier approaches end

Process delimitatsii an overland part Russian - the Ukrainian frontier approaches end.

ABT it in interview " News " the first deputy of the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation, the chairman of the commission on delimitatsii frontier between Russia and Ukraine Vyacheslav Trubnikov has informed.

It has reminded that process delimitatsii has begun in April, 1998 according to positions Russian - the Ukrainian Declaration and the Statement ABT contract - legal registration of state border between the countries.

according to Trubnikova, for today it is almost finished delimitatsija borders from a joint of borders 3 - h the states - Russia, Ukraine and Belarus - B4 coast of sea of Azov. The progress reached recently in WRK became possible thanks to that, as the Russian and Ukrainian parties have gone by the way of the decision of this problem at the expense of certain compromises, the first deputy of the minister has noted.

he has informed that the essential help in delimitatsii borders was rendered by heads of frontier areas. Giving thanks to their readiness to make a compromise also it was possible to approach practically to end of problems though technically still it is necessary to make very many, Trubnikov has underlined. Now there is very laborious process of verification delimitatsionnyh maps, creation of their uniformity.

as the high-ranking Russian diplomat has informed, end of WRK will demand legal registration - contracts or agreements the application 2 which will be the album delimitatsionnyh maps.

According to Trubnikova, WRK on delimitatsii an overland part state Russian - the Ukrainian border will be finished in the terms defined by the mixed intergovernmental commission on cooperation, that is by the end 2002.

the full TXT of interview of Vyacheslav Trubnikova is published in 10 - m number " the Bulletin of Sodruzhdestva " for 2002.