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the Joint Staff and army will be connected To fight against terrorism

Tragedy W capture of hostages in the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke already introduces the corrective amendments in plans of fighting application of armies. On Tuesday the president of Russia Vladimir Putin has given the commission to prepare to a number of departments new edition of the Concept of national security of the country. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " Minister of Defence Sergey Ivans has informed journalists upon termination of meeting at the president. As he said, " a component " this document become " plans of application of armed forces ". These plans " will be necessarily considered " by preparation of new edition of the Concept, Ivanov has told.

the international terrorism becomes impudent, behaves more and more rigidly. That there threats to apply the means comparable to means of mass defeat here are distributed, was declared by Vladimir Putin, and Russia will respond the measures adequate to threat of the Russian Federation, in all places where there are terrorists, organizers of crimes, their ideological and financial inspirers.

words of the president, certainly, do not mean perenatselivanija strategic rockets as some generals had time to declare, and not preparation of blows, suppose, across the Pankissky gorge in Georgia, or Denmark where now takes place the Chechen congress. Our Rocket strategic forces, as it is known, under the mutual arrangement W the United States bear some years fighting watch W/ O concrete flight tasks. And Vladimir Putin`s statement cannot be conceived literally.

Russia is not going to build the " a harm axis ". It only very serious political prevention to those forces behind boundaries of our country and in it which preach double morals and give versatile support to the international terrorist organisations. Both moral, and financial. It provides a wide complex of counteraction to terrorists and their promoters. Political, economic, financial, and as, naturally, and the military man.

fight against terrorism puts forward in front of Russia and its armed forces more concrete and important problems, than " maneuver in rocket potential ". And modification of plans of application of armies - only top of an iceberg of that huge WRK which demands to spend this problem. Here and reorganisation of all system of fighting and special preparation of armies, creation of new incorporated army structures W the concrete antiterrorist problems which basis FSB special troops can make, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, GRU and VDV. Their fighting experience got, both in the Chechen Republic, and at the decision of other similar problems, is invaluable. It is not excluded that studying of corresponding practice of special divisions of the western countries is required. The uniform antiterrorist front intoned by the Roman declaration at creation of Advice Russia - the NATO, does not exclude, and assumes also such approach.

while in our army there are no professional antiterrorist parts. Tactics and arms as obshchevojskovyh divisions, and a great bulk of landing regiments and brigades, does not provide storm of buildings W hostages and terrorists. The army prepared and prepares as for actions in a city, and in the field - 2 fire and bomboshturmovym to blows, application of rocket armies and artillery, to conducting approaches and defensive actions, 2 maneuvers in flank and back of the opponent, to carrying out razvedyvatelno - diversionary operations. And thus nobody put the military man of a problem of the maximum preservation of life of the peace population. It was meant that it around operations will not be.

it is natural, creation of the new military structures fight against terrorism will be which primary goal, will demand also creation of the new special technics, corresponding equipment, devices and special means. Preventions, detection and suppressions. Including wide spectrum, so-called, not lethal weapon. And as replenishments of stocks of quite certain medical preparations, antipillboxes and depressantov. As it was found out at storm of the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke whom - what similar means at our special divisions already are. But they demand serious completion and perfection. Skills of their application more adresno also it is dosed out. W that concrete effect which conditions demand. It does not turn out yet. That it is Gud to be prepared for similar WRK, it is required both time, and additional financial expenses.

They already should be brought 2DAY in the budget - 2003 which has taken place the second reading at plenary session of the State Duma. And not only on

It is necessary to consider and that big WRK which will need to be spent on creation corresponding legally - legal base 4 application of armed forces in antiterrorist operations in the country and abroad. While such problems only were declared in the Military doctrine and in the Concept of national security, though and insufficiently distinctly. Their processing and addition about what the president too has already told now is required. And in a reinforcement 2 these documents entering of respective alterations and additions into Laws " ABT defence " and " ABT the status of military men " other state legal certificates, their reductions in conformity W the international humanitarian right and the war right.

Turn of army and the Joint Staff of armed forces 2 antiterrorist struggle is a new system problem not only military men, but also all our society. We cannot become successful, if we will shoulder this problem only people in epaulets. If W ANY1 loud act of terrorism we will be sharply developed in this or that party. The main emphasis the country, probably, should make on terrorism prevention, on liquidation of its roots - social, political, economic and other. W/ O it the antiterrorist front, EVN W attraction of the international forces, can turn in perpetuum - a mobile phone.