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News bardovskogo movements - the review

the General producer of the project, one of authors of a musical " the North - Ost " known Russian bard George Vasilev has called the state and sponsors to restore spektal.

" On the one hand, " the North - Ost " became a symbol of Russia, W another - " the North - Osta " is not present more, - Vasilev in interview " has declared; News ". - We are bankrupts, without the aid of the state, sponsors " the North - Ostu " not to be revived ".

Vasilev was in number of the hostages grasped by terrorists on October, 23rd in the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke. It has been released together with other hostages in the morning on Saturday. To its co-author, art - to the director of the project " the North - Ost " Alexey Ivaschenko together with small group of actors managed to escape on Wednesday from the grasped building, having jumped out of a make-up room window. At this Ivaschenko was traumatised.

Vasilev has noticed that at the producer company " one debts - such is facts of life ". " At us some thousand tickets for forthcoming performances which we not in a status to show " are sold; - the general producer has told.

he has underlined that " eventually, a building it is possible to restore, insert glasses, to paint walls, to replace furniture, however the main thing - there is no performance " more; the North - Ost ".

According to Vasileva, follows " to dismiss troupe, an orchestra " as musicians " not in a status to enter into an orchestra pit where terrorists suited a latrine ".

Last performance " the North - Ost " in the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke in Moscow has been interrupted on Wednesday, on October, 23rd, in the beginning of the second action when on a scene terrorists have rushed and, having opened sterlbu in air, declared capture in hostages of spectators and participants of a musical " the North - Ost ".

During special action on osvobodeniju the hostages, spent in the morning Saturday, on October, 26th, it has been rescued more than 750 persons. As a result of act of terrorism 117 persons were lost. 50 terrorists are destroyed.

now idea ABT musical revival " the North - Ost " it is supported by many Russian politicians and art workers.

* * *

the Federation Council will contribute in every possible way in, that performance " the North - Ost " has got the state support. ABT it in interview " News " the speaker of the upper chamber Sergey Mironov has declared.

as he said, 2NITE on Monday he talked to one of producers of performance by Alexander Tsekalo who was converted W the chairman of Council of Federation W the request to consider possibility to assist performance which declared now itself " the bankrupt ".

" I have already charged to a number of committees of the Federation Council, to consider the problem that we can make, what to assist, - Mironov has told.

as he said, " the North - ost " it is worthy all support ". " It is the present patriotic performance having enormous value 4 education of youth, new generation. On an emotional power IDK to it equal " - he has told.

Mironov Besides, has underlined, recently performance became " an original symbol " owing to what is even more bases to SPK about support by the state of this musical.

Mironov has informed 2 that during conversation W Tsekalo has asked the producer " to give it the ticket, when " the North - Ost " again will renew the displays ".

* * *

In the large Russian companies are ready to consider possibility of financial support with a view of musical revival " the North - Ost " if such references arrive. ABT it " News " have informed, in particular, in a press - services of the oil companies " YUKOS " and " LUKOIL ".

" If such reference arrives, we will necessarily consider it " - have declared " News " representatives a press - services of the companies. At the same time, there have noticed that while W these questions in " LUKOIL " and " YUKOS " nobody was converted.

in the Russian Open Society " UES of Russia " " News " have informed that head a press - power holding services already contacted organizers of a musical " the North - Ost " but concrete conversation on rendering of the financial help 4 its restoration yet was not.

* * *

the commercial director of the project " the North - Ost " Dmitry Bogachyov has declared " News " that representations will proceed, the question now is solved with a premise.

According to Bogachyov, the question consists ABT where will show further a musical, will be roughly solved on Monday - Tuesday. In problem discussion will take part the general director of the project George Vasilev and art - director Alexey Ivaschenko. Vasilev was among hostages, and Ivaschenko was possible to leave a building soon after its capture. At runaway it was traumatised.

a problem, Bogachyov has noted, carries " not matelnyj, and ethical character ". " At actors and the musicians, appeared participants of this tragic story, too much the drama is connected with a building of the Theatrical CTR on Dubrovke " - Bogachyov has declared. He has added 2 that the authorities of Moscow promised to help W building repair.

a musical " the North - Ost " noted on October, 19th the first anniversary, went in a mode of daily display. Specially 4 musical display the building of the former Palace of culture has been repaired and modernised.