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Patrick Kuenen

the Captain of German national team on tennis became the Captain of German national team on tennis there was Patrick Kuenen.

As the correspondent " passes; News " it has occurred a MTH later after the former trainer of German national team in draw of the Davis Cup Michael Shtih has left the fast.

the president of German tennis association George van Valdenfels has noticed that after careful negotiations it has reached agreements W 36 - summer Patrick Kuenenom in a question on purpose of the expert on fast of the captain of a national team.

it is remarkable that Kuenen was a part of German national team at competitions of a team championship of the world on tennis in 1988, 1989 and 1993.

as to Michael Shtiha he has resigned right after the incident connected with attraction in a German national team of the veteran of the command of Boris Bekker. In September of current year Shtih has suggested Bekker to play a pair MTG in a duel against the command of Venezuela 4 attraction bolshego quantities of spectators. However other members of team - Rajner Shuttler and Tommi Haas - have opposed it, explaining it to that the legendary tennis player will bring turmoil in safe atmosphere of the command.

" Patrick Kuenen will continue to work W the command, - Valdenfels, - though some details of the contract, including duration of the agreement has told, still up to the end are not discussed ".