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the Moscow teenagers on the beer use take the fourth place among the coevals from the countries of Europe and the USA

Teenagers 15 - 16 years living in Moscow, on frequency of the use of beer take the fourth place among the coevals from the countries of Europe and the USA. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " on Wednesday on a press - conferences were informed managing branch of toxicology NNTS of narcology of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation by Vladimir Nuzhnyj.

on the beer uses the Moscow teenagers essentially advance the contemporaries from France, Sweden, Iceland, Slovakia, Norway, the USA and of some other countries. At what, srednedushevoe beer consumption in these countries essentially above, than in Russia, was noted by Vladimir Nuzhnyj, referring on danyne sotsialogicheskogo researches in 29 countries of the world in 1999.

on the average it is considered that ANY1 Russian in a year consumes B4 40 l of beer, and in countries of Western Europe - 60 l per capita in a year.

For last 3 years beer realisation has increased in Russia on 71 percents According to experts, demand for beer grows in Russia, and on vodka practically does not fall: as a result srednedushevoe alcohol consumption in the pure state since 1999 for 2001 has increased on 6,6 percents

According to Vladimir Nuzhnogo, on intensity of consumption of beer children and teenagers huge influence is rendered by wide availability of this drink, aggressive advertising, low culture postreblenija beer. As a rule the youth drinks beer directly in streets, in the underground, often it is possible to C the young MA walking W children and a bottle of beer in a hand.

beer not such a harmless drink as children and their parents consider, was noted by the professor. Early familiarising with beer and its excessive use lead to QIK formation of alcoholic dependence, the scientist has underlined.