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In Showroom of federal archives on Wednesday the exposition " has opened; the State Council of Russia. 1801 - 2001 "

Ilya Repin picture " State Council Ceremonial meeting on May, 7th, 1901 in day of a centenary from the date of its establishment " till December, 7th has located in Showroom of federal archives. This monumental cloth of the great master of a brush was a part of the exhibition which have opened on Wednesday " the State Council of Russia. 1801 - 2001 " which is devoted history of the highest legislative body of the Russian empire.

completely corresponding to the status it is art - a documentary exhibition, the exposition has united in itself works of art and historical realities of an epoch: documents, pictures, a home decoration, details of suits of those years.

other important problem of an exhibition is necessity " to underline a continuity of historical process " has told in conversation with the correspondent " News " the supervisor of studies of the project, the director of State archive of the Russian Federation Sergey Mironenko. " the documents Included in an exposition on creation modern to us of the State Council of the Russian Federation brightly bear to restoration of traditions in activity of the supreme bodies of the government " - he has underlined.

that " statesmen could feel accomplices of those far events " the author of design of an exhibition, the main artist of the State museum of Fine Arts of A.S.Pushkin David Bernstein has tried " to create spatially - the subject environment filled with a certain mystery ". Use of muffled light became one of ways of achievement of it.