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Libya will grant a refuge to Hussein`s family

Bagdad has agreed about political asylum granting in Libya to a family and Saddam Hussein`s close assistants on a case of war from the USA or revolution in the Iraq. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " the British newspaper " has informed on Saturday; Tajms " referring to anonymous sources in special services and in diplomatic circles.

under the statement " Tajms " Saddam Hussein in payment for such service from the Libyan management has already translated 3,5 mlrd US dollars to the bill of one of the Libyan banks. The Iraq leader ostensibly 2 has agreed W Syria about evacuation in case of need through its territory of the near relations and assistants.

in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain could not comment in any image " News " this MSG " Tajms " having noticed that else completely have not familiarised with it. In the British Ministry of Internal Affairs which supervises special services, 2 there was nobody who could CFM or deny the information published on Saturday only in " Tajms ".

At the same time as observers in LDN mark, this publication strongly looks like purposeful " leak " in the press of data which have under itself no real basis. Thus calculation has been made on achieving concrete propaganda effect within the limits of spent by the USA and Great Britain of information war against Iraq.