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Rodriguez in resignation does not gather

the President of the oil and gas monopoly largest in Latin America " Petroleos de Venezuela "/ PDVSA/ Ali Rodriguez - Arake rejects possibility of the resignation in connection with the become aggravated confronting between the Venezuelan government and forces of opposition in the country.

> as the correspondent " passes; News " Rodriguez statement is published on Saturday on channels general sekretata the Organizations of the countries - exporters of oil/ the OPEC/ which head Rodriguez was long time.

president PDVSA Ali Rodriguez - Arake is the supporter of the president of Venezuela Hugo Chavez and has been appointed by Chavez to this fast after military coup d`etat attempt in Venezuela in April, 2001. The high-ranking employees " Petroleos de Venezuela " accuse the president that " it has admitted politicisation of oil and gas monopoly and its use in Hugo Chavez`s struggle for the power " Its resignation also demand.

Hugo Chavez`s reaction to the clouds condensed over its co-worker which it has specially called from Vienna where that was the secretary general of the OPEC is not known yet.