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Abdalla to the Rumble will generate the new government of Turkey

the President of Turkey Ahmet Nedzhdet Sezer on Saturday has charged formation of the new government of the country Abdalle Gulu - to the representative of the party of Justice and the development, defeated on last parliamentary elections, the correspondent " passes; News ".

As has informed the Austrian television ORF referring to sources in Ankara, Abdalla the Rumble is zamestitelm the chairman of Islamic party of Justice and development of Resepa Tajipa Erdogana whom owing to a previous conviction/ he has been denounced for kindling of religious hatred/ has no right to hold the state fasts in Turkey. The rumble is one of leading economists of party of Justice and development and supports rapprochement of Turkey W the West, for the introduction of Ankara into the European union and for creations of image of Turkey as European and open country.

According to the Rumble, on Monday it, in coordination with Erdoganom, will present to the president of Turkey new structure of the cabinet. Thus, Abdalla a Rumble, one of the most moderate representatives of the party, will replace Bjulenta Edzhevita on fast of premieres - the minister.