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In Germany the sharpest is noted for last 30 years falling of trust level of the population 2 the government soon after elections

In Germany the sharpest is registered for last 30 years falling of trust level of the population of the country 2 the government soon after elections. ABT it as the correspondent " passes; News " the head of one of the most authoritative in Germany sociological services " has informed on Saturday in Manngejme; Forshungsgruppe Valen " Mattias Jung.

According to spent polls, level of support by voters sotsial - the democrats, the won elections of all two MTH ago, has fallen about 36 percents B4 26 percents while popularity HDS/ HSS has increased B4 55 percents/ plus of 10 percents/.

As to other large parties of Germany, sympathies of the population 2 " green " Remained stable - 9 percents, SvDP/ free democrats/ support for today 5 percents/ a minus of 1 percents/, and PDS/ Party of a democratic socialism/ - 3 percents/ plus of 1 percents/.

Sociologists and political scientists explain a current situation to that, according to the majority of voters, coalition SDPG - " green " under the direction of chancellor Gerhard Schroder has practically concealed from the population during the past election campaign a true state of affairs in economy and on a labour market of Germany.

the figures sounded only one of these days multi-billion " holes " in the budget from - for approaching in 2002 and 2003 nedopostupleny from taxation in the budget only strengthen disappointment of the population of Germany, as, according to the local experts, won elections sotsial - democrats in a coalition W " green " so till now also have not offered " the constructive concept of an exit of Germany from financial crisis ".

The Same experts believe that opposition HDS/ HSS which led by the Bavarian prime minister Edmundom Shtojberom struggled for the right to create the new government of the country and a place of the German chancellor, 2 " did not SPK the people of all truth about a true state of affairs in a national economy, promising in case of the coming to power the most iridescent prospects ". However now, sociologists, HDS/ HSS " consider; types points " at the expense of the sharp criticism of the government of Gerhard Schroder.

stable support by the party population " green " here explain to that present difficulties of Germany, have concerned, first of all, an economic conjuncture and the employment market, and it is traditional " a political field " sotsial - democrats on whom the basic responsibility for a distress of affairs in this sphere lays down.