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Relatives of defenders of Srebrenitsy killed in 1995, intend to demand compensation of a damage from the Netherlands

Relatives of defenders of Srebrenitsy/ a Muslim enclave in east Bosnia/, victims at a capture of a city Serbs in 1995, intend to demand from the Dutch government of compensation of mental cruelty. ABT it in the newspaper " Handelsblad " lawyers bosnijtsev have informed on Saturday.

In July, 1995 in Srebrenitse, were under protection of armies of the United Nations - the Dutch battalion from 400 persons, - after storm by Serbs have been shot over seven tys the person, participating in city defence.

now relatives of victims accuse the government of the Netherlands that its soldiers could not stop approach of Serbs and prevent tragedy. For it, according to claimants, the Dutch authorities should bear responsibility.

according to lawyers of relatives of victims of tragedy, they 2 intend to be converted W the similar claim 2 the United Nations.