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In the Kemerovo region the debts on a salary are made 1,2 mlrd roubles

by the Governor of the Kemerovo region Aman Tuleyev has directed telegrammes to heads of cities and areas of Kuzbas W the requirement strictly to direct 50 percents of own means for a salary to workers of the budgetary organisations. On it have informed " News " in a press - the CTR of federation of the trade-union organisations of Kuzbas.

according to regional committee of Goskomstat of the Russian Federation, the debts on a salary to workers of Kuzbas for November, first of this year have made 1,2 mlrd roubles. From - for absence of direct financing from budgets of all levels it is not paid 185 million roubles, including from the federal budget it is half-received 7,6 million roubles. However in a total sum the debts, in comparison with the data for October, have decreased for 72 million roubles. In industrial branches it has decreased on 66 million roubles, in social sphere - on 4,9 million, in a science and management - on 0,9 million

The Debts on a salary in branches of budgetary sphere across the Kemerovo region for November, first of current year have made 77,5 million roubles, and of them 73,3 million roubles - to physicians of Kuzbas.