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In Pakistan security measures from fears anti - the American performances connected with execution of terrorist Ajmalja Kasi in the USA

are raised. In Pakistan security measures are raised. As the correspondent " passes; News " in Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi and Quetta the police on Sunday is resulted in a status of the raised readiness. The airports are protected, and also mosques, whence can begin performances of local fundamentalists.

these security measures are accepted because to Lahore the body executed in the USA on the night of Friday of the Pakistan terrorist Ajmalja Kasi who has shot in 1993 of two employees of CIA will be delivered, informs the state agency Hey - Pi - Pi. From Lahore a body of the terrorist will send local flights in Karachi, and then - to Quetta where Kasi will bury on a family cemetery.

since Friday in Islamabad the embassy of the USA is closed. Approaches 2 embassy and consulates reliably protect the strengthened police squads and special troops. The US State department has warned the citizens ABT necessity to observe in Pakistan the maximum care and to reduce B4 a minimum departures in a city.

in Afghanistan after news ABT execution of Kasi in a province of Paktija the attack on the American military base nearby to the city of Urgun has been made. The newspaper " Njuz " on Sunday writes that in attack took part about 150 insurgents from among supporters of Talibs. Referring to the Afghani sources, the newspaper informs that the attacking have put to Americans " a serious loss " and two their fighters have been wounded. In turn, the representative of the American military command colonel Roger King has declared that on Saturday the American base of Shikun located near to the Pakistan border in a province of Paktija has undergone to rocket and automatic bombardment. Two attacking Afghans ostensibly are captured, and the rests managed to disappear in the Pakistan territory.

Earlier Americans informed on destruction of two more terrorists at an attack on other base - Lvara/ a province of Paktija/. Then nine 107 - mm of rockets it has been let out on the third base at the city of Gardez/ capital of a province of Paktija/.