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In Kirghizia participants of meeting

129 participants of unapproved meeting, arrested persons in capital of Kirghizia on Saturday are set free, set free on Sunday. It was declared in Bishkek by the adviser of the president of Kirghizia for Bolot Dzhanuzakov public relations.

> As the correspondent " passes; News " according to the adviser, for the past days W infringers of the law and order corresponding WRK is spent, their persons are found out and then all of them are let out from the Bishkek temporary detention facility where they were. With a view of a non-admission these citizens of the further infringements all of them are sent from capital by special buses in areas of their constant residing.

the majority of arrested persons - inhabitants of southern areas of Kirghizia, arrived to capital 4 participation in protest meetings.

as has informed " News " The head a press - services of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kirghizia Dzholdoshbek Buzurmankulov, representative Kirgizstana in Executive committee of member countries CIS Usen Sadykov, the arrested person the day before for infringement of a public order and participation in unapproved meetings, in Sunday will not be let out.

Usen Sadykov standing in deputies of Legislative Assembly of parliament of republic, has been debarred by the decision of the Sovereign court of republic from the second tour of elections in deputies on the Penalty - to Kuldzhinsky election district number 33 for the admitted infringements of the selective legislation. After that Sadykov`s voters have organised a number of meetings of the protest in the south of republic, and then and in capital of Kirghizia, having adjoined inhabitants of Aksyjsky area who show discontent with impunity of the higher official officials of Kirghizia guilty of execution by law enforcement officers in March of this year of demonstration of citizens in Aksyjsky area Dzhalal - Abadsky area of Kirghizia. Then five persons have been killed, tens more have got wounds.

in Bishkek on Saturday by law enforcement officers have been detained more than 100 persons, intending to organise in the central market of capital unapproved action - kurultaj (congress) of the people of Kirgizstana. Even more five hundred persons picketed on Thursday a strategic highway " Bishkek - Osh " at entrance to capital, demanding to pass them on a central square 4 carrying out of manifestations of protest.