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Balezino: life on a butt W a chemical waste

Izhevsk, 23 mar - News, Grigory Gluhov. Inhabitants of the Udmurt settlement Balezino where still it has been in the end of the last year illegally merged about 160 tons of the dangerous chemical waste, live the second week only hearings ABT fast evacuation, study properties of poison gases and arrange meetings, demanding from the authorities to carry out the analysis of air and water on the maintenance in them of life-threatening substances. Thus, according to the Ministry of Emergency Measures, to their life and health threatens nothing.

the Commission on emergency situations of Udmurtiya since March, 22nd has entered a mode of the raised readiness on settlement Balezino territories, and also a mode local CHS from - for illegal plum there a chemical waste. Outwardly emergency was not reflected in life of settlement in any way: shops work, people walk the streets W/ O gas masks and chemical protection suits. However behind this calmness internal pressure of many balezintsev disappears: In small settlement the message that has occurred plums of dangerous chemical substances, has scattered during an instant and has called huge discontent. People are perplexed, Y the regional authorities, knowing ABT happened from the end of last year, anything it have not told.

" And now where we? To die to us now, a leah that? All of them fine knew " - inhabitant Balezino Kapitolina Kustova SPK.

after the first spontaneous meeting on a porch of regional administration which has passed every other day after MSG of mass-media on a chemical waste in bitumohranilishche thrown asfaltobetonnogo factory, the regional authorities have suggested to create initiative group of inhabitants of settlement, ten persons have entered into it.

Besides, the part of inhabitants has organised own group. Both those, and others demand to name an exact date started of export of a waste and have many censures how water and air samplings in settlement and at the thrown factory are conducted. Recently their last results have been published, but the data ABT presence in air or water of four-chloride carbon or its components in them is not present.

Y have not told earlier

According to the former employee balezinskogo Nina Kornevoj`s department Rospotrebnadzora which is a part of official initiative group, at experts of a local water canal is not present money for carrying out of such researches.

" In water search at all for that would would be desirable us, water from a waterpipe is not investigated at all. We request results of them, just here four-chloride carbon there enters also its derivatives. We request of them, and they do not give, there is no money, we do not investigate " - Nina Korneva SPK.

Representatives of official initiative group co-operate with the regional authorities and take part in actions for liquidation CHS in territory asfaltobetonnogo factory - go on water and air sampling together with experts.

Besides, the group independently writes letters to Moscow. According to Elena Martjanovoj at which office the active workers of settlement not concordant with the official POV on a situation inhabitants of Belezino gather have sent the collective reference to the president of Russia under which have subscribed about 3 thousand its fellows villager.

the Informal information

the Basic competition of the official information which the authorities inform inhabitants, the numerous hearings which have extended in Balezino make. Among the most popular: Waste has merged not only in bitumohranilishche the thrown factory, but also in several places nearby from settlement; during pumping out of a waste from capacity evaporation of chemicals will begin, and to inhabitants will distribute gas masks in which it is necessary to live more week; in settlement laboratory GU of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Udmurtiya which experts select tests of water and air six times a day, but results of researches so bad works that them have coded and do not publish in mass-media. Butters have added to fire also some mass-media which have published data that inhabitants of settlement take out the relatives, and local doctors advise to fellows villager to remain at home and not to leave W/ O need on street.

it in the form of claims inhabitants have voiced All to the head of municipal union " Balezinsky area " Rishatu Muhgalimovu who named this information improbable.

" On one of the central TV channels, for example, have told that in Udmurtiya there was a failure on a chemical factory. We unless have a chemical factory? Y you believe hearings, and what we inform you, are not present? " - Muhgalimov at a MTG with inhabitants of village has asked.

he Named and terms of the beginning of WRK on export of a waste from territory thrown asfaltobetonnogo factory - 23 - on March, 24th. However it has not strongly calmed people, and they have demanded from the regional authorities a personal example to prove that the chemical waste illegally merged in vicinities of settlement, does not bear threat of life and to health of people.

" (Let) the regional power goes, sits down in this capacity and let sits there hour three - four W television. Then we will believe that to us threatens nothing " - SPK the administrations which have gathered on a porch of Balezinsky area.

did not know

the Head of Balezinsky area Rishat Muhgalimov - the former head of department housing - municipal services of regional administration where he had to listen often to claims from fellows villager. And here to convince people on spontaneous meetings it was necessary for the first time.

" On the first meetings came on 350 - 400 persons, now people becomes less, basically the same inhabitants of Balezino come. We daily lead up all information which at us appears to inhabitants, the initiative group of inhabitants of settlement " is created; - Muhgalimov tells.

Muhgalimov responds To a question Y the authorities so long did not SPK people about a chemical waste, in details, in detail telling about everything that has occurred for last three MTH.

the Head of area has noticed railway tanks casually: On December, 29th last year 4 the decision of working questions it has arrived home 2 the director, providing settlement fuel. Its house is near to railway deadlock of station " Balezino " where contents of tanks poured in the car.

Having started to find out, what is this cargo and to whom it belongs, Muhgalimov was converted into police which has detained the local resident, podrjadivshegosja to unload a dangerous waste and to take out them in bitumohranilishche. The car W which help have unloaded the first tanks, have found L8R. It has appeared that it have driven to Udmurtiya from Yaroslavl region.

" In some minutes after we have understood that contents of tanks merge illegally, I have called in the Ministry of Emergency Measures, in Rosprirodnadzor. After that have collected the commission on area emergency situations. On this KCHS the decision to forbid an unloading of cars was accepted and to leave them at deadlock. After DNR calls on December, 30th have gone: " on what basis what you have the right? ". But I have told at once: " the Balezinsky area is not a dump of a waste ". It was possible to find and the intermediary, the former head of Krasnogorsky area of Udmurtiya Victor Matushkin " has appeared it; - Muhgalimov SPK.

the Whole MTH after the fact plum of a waste has been found out, local authorities together with police and nature protection bodies searched for those who " has reserved " WRK, and those who has agreed to merge a waste in territory of the thrown factory near settlement Balezino.

Representatives of the Izhevsk branch of Open Company " PEK " Lenhimmash " from St.-Petersburg, to which, according to documents, the owner of a waste of Open Society " himprom " (Novocheboksarsk, an enterprise executive office is Joint-Stock Company " Renova Orgsintez ") Has reserved WRK on export and recycling of four-chloride carbon, EVN have sent in administration of Balezinsky area the letter of guarantee W the promise to take out a waste in the near future, but then simply were gone.

And results of the analysis of tests of the substance merged in bitumohranilishche, were ready only on March, 12th. According to Muhgalimova, the regional authorities and did not know all this time, with what deal, therefore they had nothing to inform the population.

" We were rescued by water which was in bitumohranilishche. Substance which there have merged... It was partially dissolved in water, has partially pushed out it upward, from - for what the ice layer in 30 - 40 centimetres was formed. Employees of the Ministry of Emergency Measures suggested to wait, while ice will thaw and to extort all in the tank, but time an agiotage has risen, we will cut out now ice and to take out substance in such kind " - the head of Balezinsky area explains.

Who is guilty and what to do?

Were asfaltobetonnyj the factory is located in several kilometres from settlement if to go on a straight line it turns out a bit more close - EVN it is visible roofs of houses. Near to factory the operating road enterprise which employees, despite affinity to a place plum, are not evacuated is located and work as earlier. And the bulldozer driver W the tractor operator which clear away a platform 4 an entrance of cars 2 bitumohranilishchu, work in usual clothes - W/ O any protection frames. They do not communicate with journalists, but W the switched off dictophone tell that any problems with health for a week of WRK near to the capacity filled with a waste, they have not felt.

On a MSG republican managements of Rosprirodnadzora, the substance from tanks four-chloride carbon - is carried to the second (from five) to a class of danger and possesses sharp toxic action and its plums in settlement has been thought over.

the Spadework 4 export of a waste in factory territory is finished. Here the electricity is spent, the staff car is brought, household premises 4 rescuers who will work directly in bitumohranilishche are repaired.

It is supposed that on export of a waste will leave two weeks, WRK on rekultivatsii soils round storehouse and clearing of its internal premises then will begin. Rescuers will work round the clock.

According to central administrative board of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia across Udmurtiya, any danger to life and health of people neither the time neighbourhood W a chemical waste, nor their export from territory of Balezinsky area do not represent. The substance will be transported in special plastic containers which will poison on range " the Red pine forest " in Leningrad region.

criminal case Investigation under article about infringement of rules of the reference of ecologically dangerous substances and a waste proceeds. Guilty of illegal plum of a chemical waste in the Udmurt settlement Balezino are not named yet. The director of the Izhevsk branch " Lenhimmasha " which under the contract W " himpromom " should utilise dangerous substances, dialogue with journalists refuses. According to the vice-president of the government of Udmurtiya Ildara Bikbulatova and vyvozku a waste has incurred expenses on work Novocheboksarsk " himprom ".