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Esher in Rio - de - Zhanejro

Moscow, 24 mar - News has appeared the Most popular exhibition of 2011. the Most popular exhibition of 2011 had appeared " the Magic world of Eshera " which showed in cultural CTR Bano do Brasi (BB) from January, 18th till March, 27th in Rio - de - Zhanejro, the calculations published The Art Newspaper bear.

the cultural CTR where it was possible to get freely, W/ O an entrance fee, involved at this time on the average 9,7 thousand visitors a day, and all an exhibition has looked at 574 thousand persons. It is indicative 2 that to first ten has got two more exhibition projects of this CTR, devoted to Japanese artist Mariko Exhaust also to the American singer and performansistke the Anderson - they have occupied with Lori 7 - e and 9 - e places accordingly.

In former years Japanese exhibitions, however March earthquake from a tsunami and the accident which has followed it on the atomic power station " became leaders on attendance usually; Fukushima " have affected including WRK of museums, therefore Tokyo has taken only the second place: the exposition of the Tokyo national museum devoted to the esoteric Buddhism, has examined 550 thousand persons.

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On the tenth place in the list there was an exhibition of masterpieces passing from February, 25th till May, 29th in the Hermitage from Prado museum - on it has been bought 530 thousand tickets. Moscow appears for the first time in the list on 111 - m a place, W Charles Faberge`s exhibition in Museums of the Kremlin which has involved 225 thousand visitors. Among thousand the exhibitions listed in tables The Art Newspaper, there is 2 a Tretyakov gallery with " Sacred Russia " Rublyov and Levitan, and also some projects " Garage " but is absent GMII it of Pushkin.

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the Most visited museum of a planet on - former there is Louvre. Three years on end it held a lath in 8,5 million visitors a year, and in 2011, at last, has achieved a gain: in total it has been sold 8,88 million tickets. In total in first ten three Parisian museums - on the eighth place Pompidou`s CTR, on the tenth - svezheotrestavrirovannyj a museum of Orse.

On the second and sixth places in ten leaders - museums of the USA: nju - jorksky o W 6 million persons and the Washington National art gallery from 4,3 million person.

LDN is presented by the British museum which has taken the third place from 5,8 million of visitors, National gallery (the fourth place, 5,2 million) and a museum of Tejt the Modernist style where the number of visitors for the first time in recent years has not grown, and was reduced B4 4,8 million visitors.

the Hermitage from 13 places has risen on 12: there for 2011 has visited 2,9 million person. Museums of the Kremlin have appeared on 21 place from 1,7 million person, and the Tretyakov gallery which was before on 28 place, has fallen on 34. At the same time, the number of its visitors has all the same increased: in 2010 it equaled 1,29 million, in 2011 - 1,34 million person.