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Motorists of Tomsk have supported the action of the policemen who have beaten the car thief

Tomsk, 24 mar - News, Sergey Negodin. More than 50 motorists have taken part in the action in support of the employees of the traffic polices which have detained the drunk driver in the central street of Tomsk discharged of posts in which course one of policemen has beaten the arrested person, the organizer of automobile race Vitaly Danilov has informed on Saturday of News.

Earlier it was informed that inspectors of traffic police in Tomsk on the night of March, 6th, 2012 have noticed on suburb of a city the car " Izh - 21251 " W the broken back lateral glass which moved on sidewalk W the switched off headlights. Having C police officers, the driver has tried to disappear and on high speed has continued movement on a counter strip. Inspectors of traffic police have stopped the pursued car, having blocked its several patrol cars. However the driver to disappear, has sharply handed over BWD and has made collision with the traffic police car. At detention the man has shown resistance to policemen.

L8R on the Internet there was a video record which has been removed by eyewitnesses. On it it is visible that the group of employees of traffic police has surrounded the arrested person about the faced cars. One of policemen has tumbled down the man on a cowl of the hurt car of traffic police, then has lifted and has struck it on the person. Then, presumably, it has struck the man a knee and has tumbled down on the earth.

According to regional SOU SK the Russian Federation, upon beating by the employee of traffic police of the man detained on suspicion in stealing of the car, criminal case as regards 3 articles 286 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (excess of powers of office W violence application) has been brought. As the basis 2 criminal case excitation the videoclip placed in a network the Internet has served.

2 it was informed that head UMVD of region Igor Mitrofanov has appointed office check upon detention of the car thief. He has declared that considers happened " a shame 4 Tomsk police " also has apologised. All employees who were taking part in detention and application of violence, are discharged of a post. It was informed that they will be dismissed.

In turn the world court has appointed to the detained car thief punishment for refusal of survey passage to a drunken state in the form of administrative arrest for five days, and for disobedience to police officers - the penalty at a rate of 500 roubles. Concerning it criminal case as regards 1 article 166 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (stealing), which sanction - till five years of imprisonment is brought.

" The purpose of our action - to achieve restoration of the dismissed employees of traffic police in the posts, at legislative level to toughen punishment 4 drunk drivers, and to achieve expansion of powers 4 inspectors during detention of such infringers " - Danilov has told.

He has told that tapes have been adhered to cars salatovogo colours - colour of capes of inspectors of traffic police, the Russian flags and posters of the antialcoholic maintenance: " the Drunk driver - fault to all " " Five days is not punishment " " Houses W8 for all " and others.

As he said, in the action have taken part from 50 B4 70 motorists: some drivers joined run already on a route - it lay through all city and has lasted about one and a half hours. He has noticed that the similar action was spent week before, on March, 17th then on city streets the column from more than 40 cars has driven.

Under the information a press - services regional UMVD the Russian Federations, have taken part in the action B4 50 cars, infringements of a public order and traffic regulations has not been fixed.