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the Love pentagon of prince Harry

When one of these days prince Harry has gone to club from lady Melissoj Persi (Melissa Per˝y), known as Missi, and has been photographed during heart-to-heart talk with it on a dirty ladder on which it left to smoke, @royalist has written in " Tvittere " that, if Harry marries the Balm, and Pippa Middlton (Pippa Middleton) leaves for the BRO of the Balm George Persi (George Per˝y) which it meets, Harry and Pippa will celebrate 2GETHR ANY1 Christmas.


assumptions of the Royalist concerning possible future marriages in a near circle of young generation of royal family do not call trust some. They assert that the Balm is hardly capable EVN to think of relations from Harry, as it the best girlfriend of Chelsea Dejvi (˝helsy Davy), the former girl of the prince, who has left it after the last year`s wedding of prince William which has convinced the blonde from Zimbabwe what to join 2 " to firm " is not 4 it.

wedding of British prince William and Kate Middlton > >

Moreover, other opponents, the lady specify the Balm consider as girl Vana - Volumes van Strobenzee (Tom Van Straubenzee), that friend Harry whom last year in the south of LDN two predators have attacked. To Harry who have rushed 2 a scene of crime on a gain to the M8, probably, still it is necessary to give evidences in court in this connection incident.

However, seemingly, in a circle of young princes look at similar relations differently. Among the British aristocracy always there was a culture of an exchange of partners as at aristocrats the choice is limited, and they need to understand, who from a narrow circle of nominees is better will approach for a role of the companion of life (or at least mistresses). M8 Harry in this respect, apparently, are allocated with nothing.

Look at a phototape: the British prince Harry on Spitsbergen > >


2NITE on Thursday while prince Harry talked to a Balm smoking barefoot on a ladder at London club Brompton, 26 - summer Chelsea danced in club ˝hinawhite W 27 - summer Blejzom Patrick (Blaise Patri˝k), young art - the dealer and friend Harry whom last in the past invited in Klarens - a house to the legendary PRTs.

Look at video: Prince Harry goes to the North Pole to help veterans of Afghanistan > >

Katie Nicholl (Katie Ni˝holl), the author of the book " the Love story of prince William " (" The Making of a Royal Roman˝e ") And the observer of newspaper Mail on Sunday, informs that Chelsea " passionately embraced Blejzom " that they kissed and that their dances " looked extremely intimately ".

it is interesting that Vana on Thursday was not in club W Harry and the Balm, but instead of it W them there were other two friends Harry Jack Uorren (Jake Warren) and Tom Inskip (Tom Inskip). They in 1:20 have set nights the Balm in a taxi when it has left club, bearing shoes in a hand.


Inskip which known as Skippi and are considered as the close friend of both BRO - princes – it helped to organise malchishnik prince William, ATW went together with Harry on Rugby football.


Harrys and Chelsea met breaks five years, have dispersed in 2009, then AGN have converged one year ago and 2GETHR were present on wedding of prince William. On a twist of fate, this wedding has led to definitive rupture between them. According to friends, Chelsea " monstrously shocked " level of ATTN which should be suffered to the bride of prince William Kate.

the Prince recognised recently that it is difficult to it to find the companion who will be ready to accompany it when it carries out the duties of a member of royal family.

" it would Seem: " My God, it the prince ”. But is not present " - has declared Harry ˝BS News.

" All business in WRK which is connected with it - understand, me of 27 years, and I search not so simply for someone for this role, but, the woman who will be ready to take up corresponding obligations ".


Lady Melissa Persi – The beauty from the ancient and noble sort which representatives it is a lot of generations successively were faithful supporters of royal family and enjoyed its trust, - looks quite suitable candidate 4 this WRK. As the daughter of the duke Nortumberlendsky it is is Gud familiar with Harry`s world, and its education and mammon of her family – cost of lock Alnik, family residence of dukes, makes by a conservative estimation, half-billion dollars – should protect it from suspicions from native Harrys.

Hardly discontent of a couple " were " will be capable to prevent this union. Probably, in the future lock Alnik interesting Christmas PRTs W8.

the Author of article Volume Sykes – the writer and the journalist which family is connected for a long time with the British royal family. Its ancestor Christopher Sykes (˝hristopher Sykes) in the end of 19 centuries was the best friend of the dissolute prince Welsh (the future Edward VII), and its grandfather and the grandmother were on friendly terms with the king VI.

Volume wrote ABT night life 4 New York Post earlier. Now he lives in LDN and in Ireland.