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Schools in Afghanistan do not work from - for bad situations W security

Moscow, 24 mar - News. More than semithousand initial and high schools in Afghanistan do not work now from - for depressing safety situations in the region, the minister of education of Islamic Republic Guljam Faruk Vardak has declared on Saturday in Kabul at the solemn ceremony devoted to the beginning of new academic year.

" five hundred fifty seven schools do not work for safety reasons, more than 200 thousand children for the same reason cannot visit educational institutions " - the minister has declared, having informed 2 that within the limits of all state access 2 knowledge have no 34 % of children.

the next three years, according to Vardaka, this gloomy tendency it is possible and it is necessary to break, that all children of Islamic Republic would get access to knowledge.

According to the minister of education, this educational year of school have opened the doors B4 1,3 million boys and girls where them train 157 thousand teachers. New academic year in Afghanistan coincides W calendar which has begun on March, 21st.

Vardak 2 has informed that current educational year substantial increase of salaries to teachers who have taken place certifying commissions is planned and have CFMed with the status of the qualified teachers, from 6 thousand Afghani (approximately 120 dollars) B4 22 thousand (approximately 440 dollars). The Same who has not undergone this procedure, will RCV from 4 B4 6 thousand Afghani.

According to the minister, this year in Afghanistan has opened 14,6 thousand schools. Only half from them settle down in buildings, whereas other half - in tents and under awnings where schoolboys study " in the open air ".

Vardak 2 has informed that now about 700 thousand compatriots attend courses on liquidation of illiteracy and during the current year 220 thousand them will end. In the country of 9,5 million persons at the age from 15 years also are above illiterate, the minister has noted. According to experts of the United Nations, the population of Afghanistan can leave about 27 million persons.

Vardak has urged the armed opposition not to interfere with process of training of children at schools and to co-operate with representatives of Minprosa on places. W the similar request he was converted 2 leaders and elders of nations.