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the Voronezh airport cannot accept planes from - for meteoconditions

Voronezh, 26 mar - News. Adverse meteoconditions have partially paralysed airport WRK " Voronezh " which cannot accept flights from Moscow, having put in order there all flights, the representative of the airport has informed News.

the Sleet W a rain goes in Voronezh since evening of Sunday. Temperature vohduha - about zero of degrees at speed of a wind B4 13 metres per second. The strong lateral wind became the reason of problems in airport WRK.

" On a departure all have left, last board, reserve, has gone in 16. 10 Moscow time W a delay on an hour - weather allowed. And here the arrival is late W 10. 00 Moscow time " - the interlocutor of agency has told.

As he said, in this time the Voronezh airport should accept five flights from Moscow, but planes, having roamed over Voronezhem, could not land from - for meteoruslovy and came back back.

As a result all Voronezh flights have departed to Moscow, and to return therefrom yet meteoconditions do not allow.