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Stock exchanges of Europe were closed by increase of indexes on internal news

Moscow, 26 mar - News. Leading European share indexes have finished the auctions of Monday by confident growth - German chancellor Angela Merkel statements and internal statdannye have supported optimism concerning prospects of economy of region, the data of stock exchanges bears.

By the end of the auctions German index DAX has added 1,2 % and has reached 7079,23 points. British FTSE 100 has grown on 0,82 % - B4 5902,7 points. French ˝A˝ 40 has risen on 0,74 % and has made 3501,98 points.

On Monday Merkel has CFMed with the MSG which have appeared earlier in mass-media that the volume of the Mechanism of financial stability can be increased at the expense of simultaneous WRK W time European fund of financial stability.

Optimism of investors on Monday was supported also by the data of research institute IFO that the index of a business climate in Germany, the largest economy of Europe, in March has increased in comparison with February by 0,2 percentage points - B4 109,8 points. The data has appeared better the forecast of analysts which expected index preservation at level 109,6 points.

" the Today`s given steels after last week have been published by a new sign of stability of economy of Germany that supports the markets the weak data on business activity in an eurozone " - results agency Bloomberg opinion of economist Uni˝redit Group of Marko Bring down (Mar˝o Valli).

Week before it became known that the composit index of business activity in the field of industrial production and sphere of services 4 17 countries of an eurozone (PMI) has unexpectedly decreased in March and has made 48,7 points against 49,3 points in February.

DAX 30 (Deuts˝her Aktienindex) - the basic share index of Germany, pays off as an index of profitableness of actions of 30 largest companies (on market capitalisation).

FTSE 100 (Finan˝ial Times Sto˝k Ex˝hange 100 Index) - the basic share index of Great Britain, pays off on stock quotes of 100 companies with the greatest capitalisation, included in the list of the London stock exchange (LSE), weighed on market capitalisation.

˝A˝ 40 (˝otation Assistee en ˝ontinu) - the basic exchange index of France, pays off as average on capitalisation value of the prices of actions of 40 largest companies.