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the Inhabitant of Lipetsk suspected of seduction of 12 children, will be brought to justice

Moscow, 26 mar - News. the Inhabitant of Lipetsk who for three years has seduced 12 children, will appear B4 court, is informed on Monday on a site of regional government of Investigatory committee of the Russian Federation.

According to department, 37 - the summer man during the period since 2007 till August, 2010, persuading and promising money, has seduced 12 children at the age from 9 till 15 years.

Initially malefactor himself got acquainted with the victim, and further victims for money led to it of the acquaintances, - informs department.

2 SK informs that following the results of it is judicial - psychiatric examination accused it is recognised by made and inclined to pedophilia.

Concerning the man criminal case under article 132 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (action of sexual character W use of a helpless status of the victim who has not reached 14 - summer age) and article 135 of the criminal code of Russian Federation (dissolute actions) is brought. The Most severe article provides till 12 years of imprisonment.

the Consequence collects sufficient evidentiary base in this connection criminal case W the confirmed bill of particulars is directed to court 4 consideration in essence.