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the Bulk-oil boat has blown up in the Egyptian Suez, three persons were lost

Cairo, 26 mar - News, Alexander Elistratov. Three persons were lost and more than ten have got wounds as a result of explosion of a bulk-oil boat in port of the Egyptian city of Suez, has informed on Monday local television.

a series Boat " BNS " there was on repair in dry dock of port base a Port - Taufik, for some time before explosion on it welding WRK have begun.

According to representatives of the investigating bodies which have arrived on a scene, in tragedy has resulted set of the several reasons: high temperature in the dock, presence in it of explosive chemical substances, and the fuel which has remained on a boat which has not been up to the end rolled from a vessel before its calling in dock. Sparks during welding WRK only initiated kindling of fuel and the powerful explosion which has followed it.

On a boat there was a fire which in short terms at first managed to be localised, and then and completely to extinguish forces of coastal fire service of Suez seaport.

All victims, many of which have got strong burns, are delivered in hospital of Suez. Incident investigation has begun.

Under the arriving information, now at dock where there was an explosion, hundreds people that pochtit memory of victims and to support their families which are there and then, on a sea mooring near the scorched boat gather.

After explosion and a spent rescue operation on fire extinguishing and evacuation of wounded men, movement of courts on Suekomu to the channel has not been interrupted.