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the blindage is found In Dagestan W a bomb

Makhachkala, 27 mar - News. Employees of power departments of Dagestan on Tuesday have found out and have destroyed a hiding place W a bomb in Dagestan, the representative of an emergency response centre of republic has informed News.

During carrying out operatively - search and search actions by forces of divisions of FSB and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia on Tuesday around a large forest of village close Mutsalaul of Khasavyurt area of Dagestan the blindage in the size 3 on 6 metres, 8 persons equipped 4 residing at winter time has been found out. During blindage survey have been found out an improvised explosive device and 20 - a kilogramme bag W aluminium powder, the self-made electrodetonator, a considerable quantity of foodstuff, the military and civil clothes, two gas bags, - has told the interlocutor of agency.

As he said, the blindage and a bomb are destroyed by an unprofitable charge.

Now operatively - search and search actions concerning the bandit group using the given blindage in the criminal activity, proceed.