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W ABT Y T And I 18 - 19 I N In And R I

18 I N In And R I


* Vitse - the prime minister of the government of the Russian Federation, Minister of Agriculture Alexey Gordeyev during working visit to Germany will carry on negotiations W Ministers of Agriculture of Austria, the Netherlands, Switzerland and the Earth Bavaria/ Germany/.

On Sunday Alexey Gordeyev will come back to Moscow.


* In the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation will take place annual general meeting of Academy of military sciences. Performance of the Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation Sergey Ivanov (10 is planned. 00).

* In Institute of world civilisations will take place " 1 - j the Congress of patriotic parties of Europe and Asia " the organised LDPR. Representatives of Bulgaria, Germany, Greece, India, Lebanon, Czechia, Finland, France will take part in the Congress, the republic of South Africa, Japan, the CIS countries (10. 00, 1 - j Basmannyj of the lane, 3, ph. 292 - 18 - 30, 292 - 80 - 12, 292 - 56 - 36).

* In the Russian Fund of culture solemn opening 3 - go Festival of children`s creativity " will take place; New names of Moscow ". The festival is spent with support of the government of Moscow (12. 00, Gogol parkway, the house 6, the Smart hall; ph. 290 - 75 - 46, 931 - 91 - 62).

S - Petersburg

* In day 60 - letija break of blockade of Leningrad on a military cemetery/ Leningrad region/ will pass in village Marino ceremony of a burial place of remains of second lieutenant Evgenie Chirkova and an air marksman, the senior sergeant of Paul Chubarova. Their Silt - 2 has been brought down on August, 7th, 1943 by an antiaircraft artillery of Hitlerites at village Annensky Leningrad region. Remains of the Soviet pilots and their plane have been found out and identified by participants of search group in the summer of 2001.

* On a scene of the Russian state academic Big drama theatre of George Tovstonogova/ Big Drama Theatre/ will take place a premiere of performance " George Danden " under Moliere`s play. Performance became the joint project of Big Drama Theatre, the International confederation of the theatrical unions and the Ministries of culture of France. This the first of official actions of the cultural program prepared by France by anniversary of Petersburg. Predictably, on the prime minister there will be an ambassador of France in Russia Claude Blanshmezon.

TERAMO/ Italy/

* Will begin WRK meeting - a seminar International epizooticheskogo bureau W participation of representatives of veterinary services of the states of East and Central Europe, and also the CIS and Baltic countries/ 18 - on January, 24th/. Participants of a MTG will consider measures on an exception of risk of drift of diseases in connection with transportation of live cattle and cattle-breeding production, and also questions of mutual trade in cattle and meat.

* Some hundreds non-governmental organisations of the USA intend to spend Washington unprecedented on scale national " the March to Washington " against plans of administration of George Bush to begin war W Iraq. Participation of representatives from all American states is expected. The action will begin meeting B4 the Capitol building on which known Americans will act. The same day mass meeting against war W Iraq will pass in the Dignity - Frantsisko.

Demonstrations and meetings of the protest against war W Iraq are planned in capitals of 32 states, including Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and others. In a number of the protest action countries will pass 2 about the American military bases.

19 I N In And R I


* In the Universal gym of CSKA will take place celebration of the tutor of domestic basketball players - the merited trainer of the USSR Alexander Jakovlevicha Gomelsky to whom 75 years are executed. In the feast program - duels of young basketball players (12. 00), a concert of masters of the arts and a match between veterans " Real "/ Madrid/ and a national team of the USSR - 88 (18. 00, the Leningrad prospectus, 39).


* To Iraq there will arrive the head of the commission of the United Nations on disarmament, control and inspections/ JUNMOVIK/ Hans Bliks and the head of IAEA Mohammed an ale - Baradei. Within two days they intend to carry on negotiations W representatives of the Iraq authorities on the problems connected with performance by Iraq of the resolution of UNSF 1441.


* the Deputy the US State Secretary concerning control over arms and to non-distribution John Bolton will begin a trip to China, South Korea and Japan. It is expected that the situation round the North Korea will be the main subject of its negotiations in region.

CHARM - the ALE - the SHEIKH/ Egypt/

* In resort small town Charm - the Ale - the Sheikh on the bank of Red sea will come to the end 25 - e autorally " Paris - Dakar ".


* the Russian boxer Konstantin Tszju in a duel W American Dzhessi James Lejhoj will protect a title of the absolute world champion in the first light-middleweight weight/ B4 63,5 kg/.

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