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Kocharyan has highly appreciated a role of Moscow in a solution of a problem of Nagornogo Karabaha

the President of Armenia Robert Kocharyan has given an appreciation of an intermediary role of Russia in a solution of a problem of Nagornogo Karabaha. ABT it it as the correspondent " passes; News " has declared on Friday on a press - conferences in Moscow.

according to the head of the Armenian state, in business of settlement of this problem now the group of intermediaries created within the limits of OSCE, - so-called Minsk group into which structure enter Russia, the USA and France actively operates. " most the active position in this group is occupied with Moscow, - he has told. - but among intermediaries there is a private arrangement on to showing the independent initiative and all this arrangement adhere, perhaps, even not always on advantage of the decision of a question ".

SPK about the general situation round Nagornogo Karabaha, the president of Armenia has noticed that the reached arrangements on cease-fire since May, 1994 " are saved ". " We W the president of Azerbaijan do all necessary for the decision by negotiations of the given conflict which has deep roots " - he has underlined.