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the Portuguese president for equality between all EU member states

the Portuguese president Zhorzhi Sampaju supports " creation of the mechanisms guaranteeing equality and balance " between all member states of the European Union.

as the correspondent " passes; News " the president of Portugal has declared it on Friday to journalists after a MTG with the chairman of Convent of EU Valeri Zhiskarom d Estenom which is in Lisbon W short working visit.

Sampaju has passed an opinion fears future institutsionnoj models of Europe which heads of the states of France and Germany intend to offer next Tuesday in Bruxelles. It is a question, in particular, of introduction of double presidency and ABT end of practice of serial presidency of member states in EU.

" it - no more than one of many offers. We give due to the NE contribution to discussion and we hope that the Convent will manage to find the decisions which are equitable to interests of all Europeans " in the WRK; - he has told.

from its part, Valeri Zhiskar d Esten considers that not double presidency in EU, " becomes the main subject of discussion in the Belgian capital; as already now there are three chairmen - parliament, advice and the commission between which there is no antagonism " and to be or not to be " rotation " chairmen.

we will remind that earlier the president of Portugal Zhorzhi Sampaju already spoke against " a new directory " in the European Union and in support of a principle of serial presidency of the countries - participants in EU.