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Interview of the ambassador of Bulgaria in Moscow Ilijana Vasileva " News " in connection with visit of the president of Bulgaria George Pyrvanova to Russia

- the most different questions Can be discussed. I expect an exchange on rather wide range of problems - from a status and prospects of two-way communications, B4 the major 4 the modern world - including fight against terrorism, strengthening of interaction and mutual understanding, cooperation and participation in the international life.

present visit of the president of Republic Bulgaria Georgija Pyrvanova is carried out under the invitation of Its Svjatejshestva Patrha Moscow and Vseja of Russia Alex II and the International Fund of unity of the orthodox people 4 reception of the Fund award by it " For outstanding activity on strengthening of unity of the orthodox people " for 2002.

only one year ago between Russia and Bulgaria observers estimated relations as " difficult and inconsistent ". How in Sofia estimate them at a present stage and how much the changes which have occurred in this time, in your opinion, are irreversible?

- With confidence I can declare that for last one and a half year much has changed, and 2 the best, in relations between Bulgaria and Russia. Many changes are observed, both in Bulgaria, and in Russia.

I will not begin to deny some contradictions, which quite estestveny at coincidence of transient periods in both countries. It is thought, we - both parties, have learnt from this a Gud lesson. The pragmatism, concrete interest and traditions - all is the Gud bases 4 development of long-term and high-grade relations.

I consider that, both at the given stage, and in close prospect, a tendency which nowadays define mutual relations are irreversible. 2DAY we can consider ourselves more blossomed, than there were ten, especially five years ago. We know, that we can expect from each other.

What problems still remain in Russian - the Bulgarian relations, in what spheres, in your opinion, it is necessary to give to cooperation of Russia and Bulgaria an additional impulse?

- If under " problems " understand something insuperable - such is not present. All in our possibilities that on the basis of the account of changes in our countries, mutual interest and the future, to create the necessary preconditions for development of mutual relations.

it is probable, B4 us there will be questions 4 the permission. Important that we showed mutual respect and readiness to consider and solve them at an operating level, without reaching the political.

it is important to create still conditions that new subjects of these relations - citizens, firms, regions - could comprehend, concretise good will and energy which generate visits at the highest level.

As the Russian property interests connected with privatisation " are considered; Bulgartabaka "?

- the Question on the Russian property interests connected with privatisation " Bolgartabaka " it is not included in subjects of negotiations at VIII session of the Intergovernmental Commission on trading - economic and scientifically - to technical cooperation. Under the mutual arrangement this question dares the Ministries for Foreign Affairs of both countries.

after the last - I hope, definitive - an exchange of documents, the Bulgarian party considers that there are no new circumstances which would force us to change the position.

I am convinced that it any more a subject of our future mutual relations. As to " Bulgartabaka " strong offers do not need a dope. Any subject development, the Russian and Bulgarian partners in tobacco business remain tied with mutual interest.