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the Prime minister - ministers of Serbia and Montenegro have agreed about section of functions of Union State

the Prime minister - ministers of Serbia Zoran Dzhindzhich and Montenegro Lovely Dzhukanovich have reached agreements on section of functions of the future state association of Serbia and Montenegro, the correspondent " passes; News ".

According to the newspaper " to news Vespers " heads of the governments of two republics have agreed that will not be " blindly to follow " the TXT of the constitutional charter, according to which Montenegro should manage one of the important ministries - defence or foreign affairs. Under the newspaper statement, both these the ministries are given to Serbs, and representatives of Montenegro will head the ministry of economic relations W foreign countries and domestic trade.

" to news vespers " Inform that at the head of foreign policy department there will be present Minister for Foreign Affairs SRJU Goran Svilanovich, and the Ministry of Defence will head Zoran Zhivkovich who in Yugoslavia while occupies an armchair of the Minister of Internal Affairs.

the present chairman of the lower chamber of parliament of Yugoslavia - Vecha of citizens - Dragoljub Michunovich becomes the chairman of parliament of Serbia and Montenegro, according to the newspaper.

the President of new state association name the high functionary of democratic party of socialists of Montenegro Svetozara Marovicha.

the Newspaper specifies that the presidium of Democratic opposition of Serbia being in power should agree with such distribution of functions/ DOS/ for what it is necessary not less than two thirds of voices of members of presidium. After that the specified decision would become obligatory 4 all members DOS, write " to News Vespers ".