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" Microsoft " opens the " windows "

All were tired to W8, but all - taki has come true. The company " Microsoft " this omnipotent giant of the world computer market, has declassified, at last, a so-called program code of well-known operating system Windows.

It is equivalent to, as though " the Cook - kola " has written on a piece of paper the formula of that liquid smelling slightly of tar which it spills in billions bottles. Code Windows always was secret behind seven seals. W/ O it it is impossible to create any software which would be to the full compatible W Windows.

Therefore firms - competitors conducted decades hunting behind a great secret. Refusal " Microsoft " to share treasured character set it was conceived as its claim for world supremacy. And, it is necessary to tell, not W/ O the bases. On known antimonopoly litigation against " Microsoft " Passing in the USA, zasekrechivanie a program code was LUVed argument of the state accusers.

and AOTS - has come true. Here it, an inner sanctum of an operating system which is established on 90 percents of all computers in the world. Get acquainted, study, admire.

but not all. " Microsoft " opens access 2 a code only 4 the most reliable, from its POV, clients - the national governments and the large international organisations. It is curious that Russia and the NATO which unite have received first two contracts on transfer of a code, it appears, interests not only international, but also information security.

the matter is that the code allows to estimate level of tightness Windows 4 attacks of hackers and to create additional programs which would strengthen security of computer systems. On Q signing of contracts on code transfer W 60 governments, declared " Microsoft ". All of them can use these technical data in the purposes, but not alter at all and not extend them further.

" This accepted by us basic business - the decision is dictated by pressing forward " Microsoft " to trust the governments and it is closer W them to co-operate " - has explained Salah Dendan, one of the main executive managers of corporation.

the computer world, however, does not hurry to applaud these good intentions. All know that to W8 from " Microsoft " pure philanthropy not perspektivnee, than from a goat - milk. The corporation has been urged to take this step from fear to lose delicious kus the high-ranking clientele on which have already opened a mouth competitors.

that is the governments were going to offer hvalenoj Windows for the sake of the higher interests of the information security. Bill Gates, head " Microsoft " has made a quite good anticipatory course.

There is one more reason Y the corporation should show wide belozubuju a smile right now. The nearest MTH " Microsoft " is going to present to the world the new version of the operating system called Palladium. As a shish kebab on a skewer, it is beaded on idea of protection of the digital copyright.

Palladium for the user, what musical and videomately he itself will solve, the user, can copy. And the inhabitant has not enough doubts that the new operating system, at all its probable advantages, can become the such internal enemy in its own house.

you will want to download from the Internet a LUVed song - and on the screen the window will jump out: " not to dare! ". You will try to exchange W the friend - the collector rare files, and the computer to you: " Illegal operation. Buy a disk in shop for own money ".

Thus between " Microsoft " And its milliard clientele becomes ripe the conflict. And it is a god-send 4 firms - the competitors who have been stirred up by monopoly Windows.

In particular, the company " Eppl " is going to let out in open sale Maklar, vant the operating system OS X 4 usual personal computers. While " Eppl " supervises only about 18 percents of the world market of the COMPUTER. Let out by this firm stylish, but expensive computers - " poppies " are popular mainly in designers, in polygraphy. Naturally, " Eppl " wish to snip off at " Microsoft " a piece of its pie.

if all will go according to plan, after an exit of version Palladium " Eppl " can tell to its indignant users: C, how " Microsoft " limits your freedom to dispose of own computer, knits you the operating system on hands and feet. Pass - ka fast on Maklar.

It seems that high ideas of information security and the digital copyright remain often no more, than a fancy dress 4 " old women of Profit ".