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India has conducted tests of the rocket of a class " the earth - air "

In India on Saturday successful tests of the rocket of mobile basing " are conducted; Akash " belonging 2 a class " the earth - air " the correspondent " passes; News ".

According to TV channel " the news " Is old; probation start of the rocket of the Indian working out and manufacture W range of flight B4 25 km has been made in second half of day from range Chandipur in east state of Orissa.

the same TV channel past Thursday informed on ostensibly not taken place start operatively - the tactical missile of mobile basing " Prithvi " W radius of action B4 300 km from - for ignition rocket transportirovshchika during preparation of the rocket for start. According to TV channel, these tests are transferred on 20 - 30 dates of January, and now in these terms it is supposed to carry out two starts of the rocket. However the Minister of Defence of India has denied this very day this information, having noticed that carrying out of rocket tests this day was not planned.

earlier military sources informed on intention of India to conduct in the near future tests of the rocket of sea basing " Brahmos " joint Russian - the Indian working out, and later this year a ballistic missile " Agni - 3 " W radius of action B4 3 tys the km, capable to bear nuclear boezarjad.

on January, 9th in Orissa successful tests of a ballistic missile " have been conducted; Agni - 1 " capable to achieve the object on distance B4 800 km and also to bear nuclear boezarjad in weight B4 1 ton.

India declared intention to spend a series of rocket tests right after how on January, 8th in Pakistan it has been officially declared delivery to arms of army of a ballistic missile " Ghauri ". According to the experts, the radius of action of this rocket allows to reach all most important cities in the north of India.