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In Madrid has passed a concert of the football player

In Madrid has successfully passed a concert fate - groups " Penguins " under the direction of the professional football player Alvaro de Benito playing in the second group of the Spanish championship in a line-up " Hetafe " the correspondent " passes on Saturday; News ".

> De Benito belonging 2 generation of Raul and Guti, submitted high hopes the football player, however the serious trauma has forced it to leave sports for 2 years and to be engaged in treatment.

in this time de Benito was fond of music in what has succeeded, though and not in such degree, as the former goalkeeper " Real " Hulio Iglesias who 2 has left football after a trauma. De Benito is popular at public and recently has let out the first disk " the Upset melodies ".

At a concert de Benitos were present at Madrid not only all football players from its present " command; Hetafe " but also its former partners on " To real " Guti, Fernando Jerro, Roberto Carlos, Selades and others. A concert have visited also popular fate - the executors who have come morally to support the football player - the musician.