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In the International youthful tournament on Greek - the Roman struggle will take part about 200 sportsmen

In the International youthful tournament on Greek - the Roman struggle of memory of the Olympic champion merited the master of sports of the USSR, the merited trainer of Russia Boris Gurevich will take part about 200 sportsmen from 10 countries. As have informed " News " in organising committee of tournament, competition will pass from February, 27th till March, 2nd, 2003 in the Palace of sports ESHVSM " the Muscovite ".

In 2002, in a year of the seventieth anniversary of Gurevich, all sports public of the country widely celebrated semicentenial anniversary of its brilliant victory on 15 - h the Olympic games in 1952.

tournament of 2003 is devoted to Boris Gurevich`s one more outstanding victory on a wrestling mat: in April, 1953 on 13 - an ohm the World championship in the Italian Naples it, unique of winners of the Olympic Games of 1952, became for the first time the world champion.

Traditionally in tournament in EZ weight categories on a level with owners of a carpet fighters apply for victory from Kazakhstan and Kirghizia, in AVG scales - Byelorussians and Latvians, in heavy - Georgians and Ukrainians. All participants represent various schools and the styles of preparation based on national traditions.

a national team of Moscow - the most numerous: in its structure in all weight and age categories prize-winners of superiority of capital will act. An intense competition to young Muscovites sportsmen of the Rostov region and Krasnodar territory - the recognised CTRs bortsovskogo will make arts.

as guests of honour veterans of sports, champions of the Olympic games, the world and Europe are invited to tournament.