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Moscow has a chance to become mistress of the summer Olympic Games - 2012

Chairman of committee of physical training and sports of the Government of Moscow Sergey Korol has declared that Moscow has a chance to become the mistress of the summer Olympic Games of 2012.

as the King on Tuesday at meeting of the sports active devoted to development of sports in Moscow has told, members of the International Olympic committee have highly appreciated successes of Moscow in the organisation of the World youthful games of 1998, and also the International youthful games of the CIS and Baltic countries of 2002.

" recently the mayor of capital Yury Luzhkov went to Lausanne W the report on these tournaments spent in Moscow, - the King has told. - heads the IOC have expressed satisfaction level of the organisation of competitions and have declared that W such approach the Russian capital has the right to count on carrying out of the Olympic games of 2012 ".

the King has declared that the Olympic Games factor has made huge impact on drawing up of the program of development of sports in Moscow for 2003. The priority will be given the Olympic disciplines, ESP by where Russia has lost former positions.

at building of new sports constructions possibility of victory of Moscow in struggle for the right to hold the main competition chetyrehletija 2 will be considered. According to the King, construction of a track and field athletics complex, tennis stadium, and also reconstruction of the old sports constructions which for today are not corresponding to the world standards is planned.

the king considers, what EVN in case of failure of Moscow in the Olympic race the taken measures on improvement of a sports infrastructure will allow Russia and its capital and henceforth to apply for the organisation of the most prestigious competitions.