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the Diet of Lithuania has reconsidered the law on a referendum in the light of forthcoming voting by the introduction into EU

the Diet of Lithuania on Tuesday has approved of the amendment to the law on referenda in the light of forthcoming voting by the introduction of the country in the European Union/ EU/.

Sociological polls show that about 64 percents of citizens support the introduction into EU, however politicians passivity of citizens at carrying out of such actions as disturbs a referendum.

for this reason of a policy have decided to create more favorable conditions 4 voting. Now a referendum plan to spend in a current of two days, and to sick and old people in countryside of an urn 4 voting will deliver to the house.

Besides, now the referendum will be recognised by taken place if in it has taken part not less than half of the persons having the right to vote. Under the former law participation more than half voting was required.

2 new edition of the law assumes that the question taken out on a referendum will be countenanced by simple majority of votes. Earlier third of total number having the right to vote for this purpose was required.

the referendum of the introduction of Lithuania into EU should will take place in first half of May. It is planned to spend active agitatsionno - razjasnitelnuju campaign ABT state prospects in the European Union.