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W ABT Y T And I 27 F E In R And L I

* the State Council Presidium will consider questions of development of a mortgage and other measures on housing construction stimulation. At session W the basic report the governor of the Samara region Konstantin Titus will act. Sodokladchikom there is a head of Ministry of economic development and trade Herman Gref.

* under the chairmanship of premieres - the minister of Michael Kasyanov session of the government of Russia (10 will take place. 00). The lecturer - the first deputy minister of property relations of the Russian Federation Alexander Braverman/ is planned to discuss results of privatisation of the state property in 2002 and measures on realisation of the look-ahead plan of privatisation of federal property in 2003/; projects of the federal laws, concerning changes of an operating mode of application of taxes to property of the organisations, physical persons, the ground tax and the tax on inheritance and donation/ the lecturer - the first deputy minister of the finance of the Russian Federation Sergey Shatalov/; the project of the federal law " ABT ratification of the contract on cooperation of the states-participants of the Commonwealth of Independent States in fight against terrorism "/ the lecturer - the deputy director of FSB of the Russian Federation Vladimir Schultz/; a question on distribution on subjects of Federation of means from the federal budget in 2003 on housing grants to the citizens who leaving and have left regions of the Far North and districts equal to them; a course of preparation for a referendum in the Chechen republic/ the lecturer - the minister of the Russian Federation of coordination of federal authorities in CHR Stanislav Iljasov/.

* Within the limits of February session of directing bodies of the Euroasian economic community/ EvrAzES/ will take place session of Integration committee of Community at level vitse - prime ministers of member states./ in EvrAzES Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirghizia, Tajikistan enter. Moldova and Ukraine have the status of the observer/.

* In the Constitutional court of the Russian Federation the decision on check of positions Criminally - the executive code of the Russian Federation/ concerning calculation of an imprisonment term will be announced from the moment of arrival in prison/ (10. 00). Session on check of point 2 of item 7 of the Federal law " will be held; ABT auditor activity " (street Ilyinka, 21, accreditation on ph. 206 - 16 - 41).

* the Minister of labour and social development of the Russian Federation Alexander Pochinok will spend a press - conference " the Governmental concept of reforming of system of payment in budgetary sphere " (16. 00, AIF - News, street Mjasnitsky, 42, accreditation on ph. 925 - 21 - 48).

* In the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation the press - conference of Central administrative board on struggle against economic crimes " will take place; Protection of the consumer market against criminal encroachments " (11. 00, street Zhitnaja, 16, accreditation on ph. 239 - 05 - 54, 239 - 74 - 26).

* In Minobrazovanija the Russian Federation will take place session of Advice on development of competitive practice of distribution of state budgetary appropriations on system of grants. The deputy minister of education of the Russian Federation Yury Shlenov will take part in session (10. 00, street Ljusinovsky, 51, ph. 237 - 91 - 63).

* In the Federation Council (B.Dmitrovka`s street, 26, ph. 926 - 66 - 54; 292 - 18 - 77) will be spent " round tables ":

- " Human rights and terrorism " organised by Committee of Council of Federation on social policy and Committee of Council of Federation on defence and security together with the independent non-governmental organisation " Institute of human rights " (10. 00, the Small hall);

- " ABT a state policy in the field of development of bank system of Russia ". Session spends Committee of Council of Federation on the financial markets and monetary circulation. Among participants - the first deputy the chairman of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kozlov; The chairman of the board of the Savings Bank of the Russian Federation Andrey Kazmin; the deputy minister of economic development and trade Arcady Dvorkovich; the president of Association of Russian banks Garegin Tosunjan, etc. (10. 00, room 701).

- " Possibilities of transition since 2004 2 memory system of maintenance with habitation of military men ". Session spends Committee of Council of Federation on defence and security (14. 00, 2. 701);

- " Prospects of development of pipeline transport in the Russian Federation ". Session spends Committee of Council of Federation on the industrial policy (15. 30, a small hall).

* the Congress of municipal unions of Russia spends 2 - day All-Russian meeting of workers of a municipal education system. Participation of the Minister of Education of the Russian Federation Vladimir Filippova (11 is expected. 00, the Palace of work of trade unions, Lenin pr - t, 42, accreditation on ph. 248 - 86 - 61, 248 - 85 - 52).

* In the State Kremlin Palace plenary session of the All-Russia congress lesovodov, Ministry for Protection of the Environment and Natural Resources of the Russian Federation passing under the aegis of the State wood service (15 will take place. 00, ph. 254 - 69 - 66, 254 - 68 - 00).

* In " the President - hotel " the Executive committee of the CIS will spend scientifically - practical conference " Prospects of development of interaction of the states-participants CIS in economic sphere (11. 00, accreditation B4 17. On February, 00 26 on ph. 923 - 05 - 07, 298 - 52 - 54, 925 - 00 - 91).

* In ID " Komsomol truth " the press - conference of the chairman of the board of the Pension fund of the Russian Federation Michael Zurabova " will take place; Indexation of pensions to the Russian citizens. Reform of obligatory medical insurance. Experiment of a pension fund of the Russian Federation " (14. 00, Truth street, 24, a floor 6, the Blue hall, accreditation on ph. 796 - 70 - 97, 424 - 75 - 34).

* In a press - club " CH - re the parties " the press - conference " will take place; the Sight of the parties of social partnership at a problem of upgrade of system of obligatory medical insurance in Russia ". Participate - the first deputy minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation Michael Dmitrys, secretary FNPR Igor Shanin, representatives of the party of employers Irina Perov, Larissa Popovich (15. 00, street Arbat, 20, accreditation on ph. 200 - 03 - 47, 209 - 82 - 15).

* In the Central House of the journalist the press - conference " will take place; Terrorism and security on transport "/ on the threshold of P the International specialised exhibition " the Passenger: transport, station complexes, sphere of services " and P International scientifically - practical conference " Terrorism and security on transport ". Participate - the deputy minister of internal affairs of the Russian Federation, the chief of Service of public security of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation Alexander Tchekalin; the deputy minister of means of communication of the Russian Federation Michael Akulov; The first deputy minister of transport of the Russian Federation Anatoly Nasonov, etc. (12. 00, Nikitsky parkway, 8, inquiries on ph. 231 - 21 - 41).

* In agency Interfax (streets 1 - I Tver - Jamsky, 2, accreditation on ph. 250 - 34 - 34) will take place a press - conferences:

- the deputy minister of economic development and Andrey Sharonov`s trade and the president of Chuvashiya Nikolay Fedorova " Regional projects of Ministry of economic development and trade: realisation FTSP " Electronic Russia " in territory of Chuvashiya ". In frameworks a press - conferences the agreement between Ministry of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation and the Chuvash Republic ABT realisation FTSP " will be signed; Electronic Russia "/ 2002 - 2010 gg/ (13. 30);

- " Reform of the Russian audit: end of the first stage of project TASIS ". Participate - the deputy minister of the finance Andrey Petrov, the deputy the head of representation of Eurocommission in the Russian Federation Vincent Piket, representatives of the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, the auditor companies (15. 30,

* the Deputy director of Gematologichesky centre of science of the Russian Academy of Medical Science, and. The island of the director of Institute of blood transfusion of A.A.Bogdanova Vladimir Gorodetsky will spend a press - conference " donor service Crisis " (15. 00, " the World of news " street Petrovka, 26/ 2, ph. 925 - 09 - 43, 923 - 12 - 63).

* In the Moscow House of public organisations the expanded meeting of the Advisory council of public associations will take place at Gensovete of party " an United Russia ". Participate - a member Gensoveta Andrey Isaev, heads of the largest public associations of Russia (16. 00, street Mosfilm, 40, accreditation on ph. 980 - 03 - 13).

* In " Alexander - a house " the Media union will present the international competition of journalists " the Gold verb ". Participate - the president of the Media union and the chairman of jury of competition Alexander Ljubimov, the vice-president of the Media union Elena Zelinsky, judges: The leader of RTR Nikolay Svanidze, the chief - the editor of the newspaper " Komsomol truth " Vladimir Mamontov, the director of radio " the Beacon " Irina Gerasimov, the editor-in-chief of TV channel " Culture " Tatyana Pauhova and others (16. 00, street the Big Yakimanka, d. 1. Accreditation on ph. 217 - 24 - 03).

* the Moscow City Court has appointed renewal of hearings on criminal case concerning Michael Smurova accused of fulfilment of explosion on the Kotljakovsky cemetery of Moscow on November, 10th, 1996.

* the Moscow City Court plans to start hearings on criminal case concerning 4 girls accused of participation in activity of the extremist organisation " New revolutionary alternative ". For the various reasons the beginning of hearings on this business is postponed since April, 26th of last year.

* In Federal Arbitration court of the Moscow district consideration of the appeal of the Ministry of Property of the Russian Federation is appointed to refusal of the Moscow Arbitration court in application of measures obespechitelnogo character in dispute between the federal ministries and authorities of the capital concerning the rights to culture monuments. After consideration of the appeal business will return to the Moscow Arbitration court 4 dispute consideration in essence.

* the Horoshevsky court will consider the claim of a WF and the daughter of former diplomat Valentine Moiseyev denounced for espionage which ask to release a part of the property confiscated on a sentence of Moscow City Court.

* in the Czech CTR the actions dated 2 25 - letiju Alexey Gubarev`s space flight/ Russia/ and the first cosmonaut of Czechia Vladimir Remeka will take place. In the program - an art exhibition " Space Odysseus " cosmonaut Alexey Leonov and the Czech artist Martin Majnera; presentation of books of cosmonaut Yury Glazkova; Conference " History and prospects of joint international space flights " W participation of cosmonauts of the different countries (11. 00, street Fuchika 12/ 14, ph. 288 - 95 - 15, 250 - 37 - 45).

* In residence of the ambassador of France in Russia evening from a cycle " will take place; Culture out of borders " organised by the Russian Fund of culture, Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation together with Embassy of France in the Russian Federation. The exhibition is dated for evening " Russian in Paris " from meeting RFK (19. 00, kont. Ph. 202 - 67 - 53).

* In the Municipal Department of Internal Affairs of Moscow Region the briefing " will take place; Struggle against illegal circulation of the weapon, ammunition and explosives in Moscow suburbs territory " (11. 00, the Nikitsky lane, 3, ph. 222 - 34 - 26, 925 - 84 - 41).

* Club " the Adventure " Dmitry Shparo will be organised by a press - the conference devoted to expedition on the dog teams " Yakutia " which starts on March, 1st, 2003. The initiator and the head of expedition - professor Gerhard Hampel/ Germany/, the Russian participant - Victor Simonov. On two dog teams they will pass on a route of Tiksi - Verkhoyansk - Yakutsk/ 1760 km/ 4 acquaintance to the nature of Eastern Siberia, local population life, cultural traditions (11. 30, Club " the Adventure " street Don, d. 37, kab. 215/ the underground " Shabolovsky "/. Accreditation and the information on ph. 959 - 99 - 36).


* the Secretary of Security council of the Russian Federation Vladimir Rushajlo will be in the Saratov region. During complex WRK of experts of device SB of the Russian Federation and representatives of a management of some the ministries and departments, problems of boundary security and performance of the international obligations of Russia in the field of destruction of the chemical weapon will be considered.


* Will open 36 - I session of the Public gathering of Republic Dagestan of the second convocation. B4 elections on March, 16th new structure of deputies of the Public gathering session will consider results of activity of a legislature of Dagestan for the last four-year period.

Borovichi (the NOVGOROD REGION)

* the annual accounting meeting of the Union of cities of the CTR and Severo - the West of the Russian Federation/ SGTSiSZ/ Will take place. Participants of meeting will discuss the project of the federal law " ABT the general principles of the organisation of local government in the Russian Federation " which Vitaly Shipov will present the deputy minister of economic development and trade of the Russian Federation.


* the Novosibirsk regional court will consider the appeal of trade union of Novosibirsk aviadispatchers on a sentence of district court of the city of Ob which recognised on January, 28th as illegal December hunger-strike of dispatchers and has forbidden them to spend similar protest actions further.

S - Petersburg

* Within the limits of passing SH the International festival of ballet " Mariinsky " the State academic Maryinsky Theater will present the world premiere of ballet " Princess Pirlipat, or the Punished nobleness ". The author of the libretto, scenery and suits - Michael Shemjakin, 2 ballet has written music the Petersburg composer Sergey Slonimsky.


* Will open V the All-Russia tournament on fire - to applied sports " Memol Evgenie Savkova`s memories ". In competitions will take part more than 20 commands, including from Moscow, Petersburg, Samara, Omsk, Chelyabinsk, Tyumen and other cities of the country.


* the Minister of Defence of Russia Sergey Ivans during working visit to Azerbaijan will hold MTGs and negotiations W Minister of Defence Safarom Abievym and the head of the Azerbaijan government Arthur Rasizade. Signing of documents on the military man and military - to technical cooperation is planned.


* Will begin the next round of five-sided negotiations on settlement of the Dnestr conflict. Representatives of Russia, Ukraine, OSCE, Kishinev and Tiraspol will consider the draught agreement on definitive settlement of the Dnestr problem, initiated by the president of Moldova Vladimir Voroninym.


* will arrive To Uzbekistan the Minister of Defence of India George Fernandez 4 participation in solemn transfer of India first two of six air refuellers Silt - 78. Fernandez 2 intends to carry on negotiations W the Uzbek authorities on expansion military - technical cooperation of two countries.


* Head the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia Igor Ivans during official visit to the Peoples Republic of China will discuss with the Chinese colleague Tan Tszjasjuanem a situation round Iraq and on the Korean peninsula. Igor Ivanov`s MTG with the leader of the Peoples Republic of China is planned by Tszjan Tszeminem.


* Will begin the second round of consultations between Russia and the European Union on agreement undertaking ABT readmissii/ mutual return of illegal migrants/.


* the UN Security Council will consider brought in Monday of the USA, Great Britain and Spain the draught resolution on Iraq, and also the plan offered by France, Russia and Germany.


* Is expected arrival in Bagdad commissions of experts of the United Nations 4 check of validity of statements IraqAnd ABT unilateral destruction of the biological weapon by it. Simultaneously to Bagdad there will arrive 13 inspectors of IAEA.

the Hague

* In court of the International tribunal 4 the former Yugoslavia the sentence on business of the former president of Republic Serbian/ in structure BiG/ will be announced by Biljany Plavshich. It is accused by tribunal Office of Public Prosecutor of exile of Moslems and Croats from territory of Bosnia and Herzegovina in 1990 - e years.


* the Secretary general of the NATO George Robertson will begin a trip across the Baltic States. During one-day visit to Lithuania it will meet the new president of this country Rolandasom Paksasom and other Lithuanian heads. On Friday morning the secretary general of the NATO from Vilnius will go to Riga.

* US president George Bush will accept Washington in the White house of Afghani leader Hamid Karzai W which will discuss a course of restoration of Afghanistan.


* the President of Moldova Vladimir Voronin will arrive to Vietnam W official visit/ 27 - on February, 28th/.

* the PA John Pavel P will accept Vatican of premieres - the minister of Spain Jose Ma Asnara 4 discussion as it is supposed, situations round Iraq.

* the Minister for Foreign Affairs of Vatican Jean Lui Toran will collect ambassadors of the various countries accredited at the Sacred Holy table, and will inform them on the efforts of Vatican directed on the peace permission of the Iraq crisis.