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the Debts under the salary at the enterprises of agriculture of Moscow suburbs make 89 million roubles

the State of affairs in Moscow suburbs agriculture remain difficult. Such estimation to agriculture was given on Wednesday by the Minister of Agriculture and the foodstuffs of region Nikolay Savenko.

Acting at session of representatives of economy of agriculture of area, he has told that from - for a rise in prices for electrocarriers and matelno - technical resources the profit of agricultural manufacturers in 2002, in comparison with 2001, has decreased, profitability of manufacture the Accounts payable has made only 4,6 percents exceeds 7 mlrd roubles, including on fines and penalties it is necessary nearby 1 mlrd roubles.

As has noted Savenko, about 130 enterprises, or 30 percents from their total number, are economy in which volumes of output of production constantly decrease and financial crisis is observed, and in 70 operation of business is almost lost. On their share from the general accounts payable it is necessary about 50 percents

Debts under the salary at the agrarian and industrial complex enterprises makes 89 million roubles. The majority of agricultural manufacturers is made now by current payments. Along with it, taking credits in commercial banks, they have paid off debts for gas and an electricity - over 240 million roubles. However their debts B4 " Mosenergo " and " mosregiongazom " for today makes 580 million roubles. Its further repayment at the expense of commercial credits is not obviously possible, considers Savenko.