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the British conservatives consider that the Iraq crisis has caused the NATO damage

the British conservatives suggest to create the new organisation which would exist simultaneously from the NATO, but would take on itself a part of the problems facing the North Atlantic alliance.

W such offer the known politician of conservative party of Great Britain Michael Portilo has acted on Wednesday during debate in the House of Commons of the British parliament where the policy of the British management across Iraq was discussed.

as has declared Spoilt, " the Iraq crisis has cost much to the West and the damage has caused to its institutes, poetiomu, most likely, it is required to create new institutes ". " I the big supporter of the NATO, but the NATO am caused a damage " he has noted.

thus the representative of conservatives has added that anyway " geography " NATO actions it is very limited. Therefore, as representatives of conservative party consider, there has come time to study a question on creation of such organisation which would exist together with the Alliance.

as considers Spoilt, problems of new structure should include fight against terrorism on a global scale.

its founders can become the USA, Great Britain and Australia, and a staff - apartment followed arrange in Prague or Madrid, the representative of conservative party has noted.